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  1. This points out an ongoing problem where access to public lands has been increasingly cut off by the surrounding rabid private land owners. Old roads closed, gated, posted, fenced. Public lands are increasingly being turned into private parks by this MO and continues to escalate. Just part and parcel of the ongoing agenda 21 mentality of the USA.
  2. If you haven't noticed, this has been a favored tactic of the forest service and other agencys to sell land on the borders and encourage the new owners to fence and lock the gates to these old roads that in turn locks up the forst for private use of said land owners. Prescott forest has been turned into a private preserve for a few richie riches in this manner in the last ten - fifteen years or so, ever since the mad rush to fence during the forest fire hazzard closures in recent years. Good luck fighting the holier than thou's that supposedly know how to treat the land better than you!!!
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