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  1. Wow I never thought of that but thanks for the info Bob. I will definately keep that in mind.
  2. That is pretty cool!!! There is an area in Folsom that has produced some fantastic pieces of gold and looking for gold I have also found chinese coins, iron weights used for a scale to weigh gold (I presume ) as well as 1849 rail road key and old padlocks, also a deringer pistol frame. Of course they were all found on private land :yuk-yuk: which is the truth in reality. One guy found a solid gold dragon on a thick chain which I guess a chinese guy must of made.It was about 5 inches wide. Another guy dug a piece of pipe out there one day . When he hit it with his pick it burst nuggets. It ca
  3. At a local gold supply store here in Sacramento they tell me there are some guys that work 4.5 days a week for gold since they lost their jobs and make approximately 1500 a week doing it. 6000 a month is good money in my book. They most likely work all day and possibly get it in a non legal way right now :hmmmmm: All let you guess how they get it. I cant be sure on that. maybe they are panning :hmmmmm:
  4. This is very true. There is a great nugget shooter in the Auburn Goldhounds named Bowers who in Mariposa ( I believe) hit a half ounce flat piece of gold about the size of a half dollar with his old GM2 that his ML 3500 would not hit at all, even on top of the ground. Why I couldn`t tell you but thats what he said and he usually always uses his Mine Lab. he told the club this story and I have no reason to not believe him. Jerry
  5. One good place I have found to look for gold is other peoples holes they leave. A lot of people give up on targets or just dont know what their doing. I have found some great pieces with this technic. Also if there are a lot of holes in one area I might rake the area a bit and look for missed targets. This works great with my old GM2. Trashy areas seem to be good also. People are lazy and dont want to dig it all up. I just drag an old woofer magnet from a speaker on the ground. The powerful magnet picks up a lot of the iron. I have found really nice pieces doing this too! Cant tell you how man
  6. In Sacramento today it was 104 they said. I honestly really love this hot weather, its great. Of course I fix heating and air systems so ya I do like the heat. The hotter the better , hehehe
  7. I agree 100 percent. Once you learn the sweet spots on your coil the gm3 should not be to difficult to pin point a target. I just buy plastic cups from the 99 cent store, they work great and its all i use for both my detectors, never got into the plastic scoop but sure it works. jerry
  8. Ya you have a nice website there! I wonder if you get a lot of people on these trips due to the high price of gold these days. Seems like you would get a lot of rookies so I guess it would be good for them to learn how to get started. Jerry
  9. If I was you i would just stick to the goldbug. That is a great machine, especially with the tiny 6" coil. I had a friend that always found gold when we went out detecting in hydrualic pits, always. The pieces he found were extremely tiny at that , less than .5 grain and smaller. To me it would not make sense to spend lots of money on a Mine lab if you have not even found a tiny nugget yet with the GB2. My advice is to keep working the Goldbug2. It just sounds like to me your frustrated no finding any gold with it. Keep at it. Finding gold is an art with a detector. It took me 4 months and ev
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