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  1. Without headphones you tend to loose little guys, at least in my experience. Also sometimes I almost cannot work the detecter without headphones because of wind noise and trees. I respect the rattlesnake comment though. Don't see to many but they are there. headphones let me concentrate more on the slightest little hit. I still use a GM2 but it works fine though its old.
  2. A good tip would be to get a good earth magnet which is very strong. Helps weed out a lot of targets that are iron. Cant tell you how much this has helped. I just screwed it into the top of my lowes pick I bought years ago. My mining buddy worked an area I left because of all the pieces of nails. He must of pulled out 200 pieces of nail. No one would of stayed in that hole but with his magnet he cleaned out all the iron easily and found some nice pieces of gold I would have never got inbetween all that iron. Just keep digging targets. Also I\on my goldmaster2 there is a setting that says x gro
  3. I agree join the Auburn goldhounds as I am also a member. We have a few outings a year. The last outing a few months ago some guys found 2 3 pennyweight nuggets on shirttail creek metal detecting as well a a few pennyweighters but I wasn`t able to go. Hydralic pits are good but it gets more difficult to find pieces even for an experienced metal detectorist. Need to get off the beating track and research new places as we have been trying to do. Its hard but a great hobby and when you find your first nugget you will be happy, patience. In Foresthill theres a hydraulic pit behind the refuse dump
  4. Well I have the Goldmaster2 which was just before the Vsat I believe and still use it to this day. I have no need for the GMT which is basically the same detector but with a meter attached to it. Never seen a reason for a meter as its all about the sound. Anyway after about 7 ounces with this machine it is still producing gold. No need to buy another vlf detector. This thing finds micro gold pieces , I mean how small do you want to go because these machines find ultra small pieces as well as big ones also. 150.00 would be good price. I paid 475. 00 new about 18 years ago so 300.00 is a bit pr
  5. I agree in that if you are still working the hole it doesn`t make sense to fill in everytime you leave when your coming back to it. I fill in my metal detecting holes when I get the target but highbanking holes on my personal claim? Not to much. On a GPAA claim i might so as not to piss off the owner of the claim. GPA claims are member claims so ya I guess I would be a little bit upset if I went down to my claim I let others use and there are dangerous holes someone might fall in and injure their foot or something. Somehow they might be able to sue me or something like that.....The world we
  6. I have a few claims and honestly seeing someone on them would not neccessarily anger me. I have a discovery post setup but no markers. The whole area is claimed up here from top to bottom. Legally I dont have to post corners but its a good idea. maybe this year I will do this but need good GPS for it I think. Basically it would come down to thier attitude towards it when i approach them. I claimed an area so that I would have a spot to go without problems....plus the gold is good!! which helps. It was available to claim and if I didn`t.....certainly someone would have. There are signs of peo
  7. That is to cool they took you out on their hot spot. Awesome guys detectorists. Most I meet in the field are just great guys willing to share their techniques and show the finds. I have been known to teach rookies a few tricks although I am still learning myself every trip. Jerry
  8. nice nuggets, thanks for sharing the pics.
  9. I own two claims and it doesn`t really effect me.....yet The reason i got these claims is so I have a spot to go without anybody giving me trouble. Theres good gold there but spotty. I am a weekend prospector because unfortunately I have to work for a living and not retired Not everyone wants to do this for a living...its recreation for me and two claims give me two different spots to go depending on the weather. Also like Bedrock Bob said.... In California there is just no way there gunna let me down there with a dozer and rip the land apart. It also sucks if lets say you own more than 10
  10. I witnessed this meteor last night myself. I was watering my plants in the front yard at 7:45 and just happen to be looking in the right direction when I seen what I thought at first was a firework but then after a few seconds it blew into about 6 good size pieces and dissappeared in the night. green and red and blue.....looked amazing. To bad i didnt have my Video going for something else because it seemed like it was very close to me and slow to drop and it most likely would of been shown on TV It was a total miracle i seen it straight on from the Sacramento area. When I see the footage som
  11. What about the statute of limitations? Isnt that 7 years? Except for murder I believe. Sort of like treasure ship guys when the governments of the countries try to seize the treasure and do from a 300 year old wreck!!!
  12. nicely done GeoJack. Thats a beauty. Ya they seem to be taking a lot of time on the one side of the bridge. The other spot i didn`t know so many fatalitys there. I always have people riding me to go faster on the way home from foresthill, I mean pushing me hard, i just pull over and let em pass.
  13. Yes El Dorado your backyard still gives something but usually the efforts great to find a few. Whats up with all the road construction going to Foresthill, cops be thick in there too!!
  14. Hey Guys, thought I would post my finds of yesterday from Foresthill. Total weight was 47.8 grains. Found with my trusty Goldmaster 2. Thing keeps producing nuggets! Not a bad day I like to see what people find so I thought I would post my finds!
  15. I personally dont think you need a meter for a gold machine. Its all about the sound to me.Never understood why they added one and almost everybody I know who has the gmt has broken the meter loose from the stock ( getting snaged on manzanita ) but if it is anything like the GM2 , which is what I still use to this day, I would go with the Whites. Personal preference is all. I like finding sub grain pieces and will do it all day long if I can. Just went detecting today at foresthill and that place has been hammered and came out with about 40 grains, including two 12 grainers. I guess the Teso
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