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  1. Land Ops, Great job on the video. Watched it full screen and was impressed with the story, the research and the production values. Thanks for sharing! Best regards, Daryl
  2. Nice work, Fred. Congrats! Tough area to work, or even to figure out where to start. Your find has motivated us to get back out to that area as it is not too far from home. Thanks for the report.
  3. Dave, Great finds of some gorgeous specimens. Good to know they are still out there...congrats!
  4. Hey guys and gals...is the common FRS frequency for Franconia still CH 11 - 0 ? Thanks! Daryl
  5. Very impressive, Jim! I agree with you, that with your history and interest level, it seems like a natural progression. Looks like a lot of work and even more patience! Hope to see you at Franconia on the 13th. Daryl
  6. Nice work Chris and Mike! Coyote Dry Lake was the first hunt for my wife and I five years ago. I concluded that it was picked clean... Happy that I was wrong and there are still space rocks being found! Maybe see you guys on the 13th at Franconia. Good hunting, Daryl
  7. Karl, great to see you at Franconia. Congrats on the find! Nice work, neighbor.... Best regards, Daryl & Jamey
  8. Jim, you did a great job collecting the data and making the new map. Thanks! And congrats on the 2 Yucca 016 and 017 approvals. Well done! Daryl
  9. Greetings. For streak plates and glass plates, try http://www.amateurgeologist.com/ Electronic scales, try ebay for jeweler's scales http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid=p3984.m570.l1311.R1&_nkw=jewelers+scale&_sacat=0&_from=R40 For scale cubes, go to http://scalecubes.com/ For a diamond stone for windowing, check local stores such as sporting goods that have knife supplies. Hope this helps. Good luck! Daryl
  10. Jim, what day(s) do you plan on hunting? Circumstances dictate that my wife and I can only be there early Friday and leave late in the evening. If you were planning to hunt Friday, we'd like to accompany you. Thanks, Daryl & Jamey
  11. What time on Friday do you guys plan on being there? Thanks!
  12. Seventh cold find... AMAZING! To me, even one cold find is awesome. My wife Jamey and I met Todd (and Larry A.) in the field several weeks ago and spent a few hours chatting with them. Todd really encouraged us to start cold hunting our local desert here, and we have taken his advice. Wayne, thanks for posting this! If you get a chance, please pass on our congratulations to Todd. He is going to need his own chapter on the Met-Bul soon :-) Daryl & Jamey
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