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  1. Hey Frank, great finds! Let me know the next time your going out I'll try to make the drive to see you.
  2. Are those sandstone? I cant tell for sure on the first one.
  3. My friend puts it on his rifles for hunting trips. He's said rain water just beads right up and falls off. So it does protect against moisture and I think I used it before on my table saw and was happy but I guess I would be curious if there's any chemical in it that you wouldn't want on you irons.
  4. I also enjoy seeing some of the posts and learning about earth rocks but there are some other forums that are more suited for these rocks.
  5. Well good luck hope you find some more. Post a picture when you can.
  6. These Holbrooks are best found crawling around on your hands and knees.
  7. Yeah I was wondering how you got it as well. That's a pretty big piece for Holbrook. Most of them are just small fragments. Here's my little collection. I'm also interested in yours I sent you my number but here it is just in case. 623-910-9583
  8. I would say nope it's not to big to be a meteorite, nope it wouldn't leave a big crater and nope its not a meteorite. Looks like granite. I've installed some counter tops that look like that.
  9. Omg, I can't believe I just read all that! Munroney was looking to start an argument from the ending of his first post! Mike you tried but some people.....well I'll stop there since I'm not really into posting stuff.
  10. We'll actually be in LA that weekend from Arizona. Message me with your contact info and any other details. My email jimcphotography@gmail.com
  11. I spoke with my sister who lives near there. She said the ground is pretty dry at her place so that should help.
  12. Lol I new I was always missing something! Hey rarity I'm local here in Tucson message me and maybe we can get you out for your first find.
  13. The GMT is a great machine! I've used it to find both franconia and gold basin meteorites. But if you are using the auto ground balance it will not sound off on your meteorite after the first swing. You will need to manually ground ballance it.
  14. Hey Stan, we will keep an eye out for you! Will you be hunting on the north or south side of the highway? We were thinking the south side in hopes to find a left over biggie but its still up in the air. I'll be driving a white F-350 crew cab with a white toy hauler behind it. We won't have any atv's with us and I don't think the rig will make it on the north side with the toy hauler so we will have to play it by ear. If you like give me a ring on my cell when your there and we'll hunt you down 623-910-9583 Hey there Frank, sorry you can't make it maybe we can try again in a couple weeks. Yo
  15. Hey Frank its Jimmy we met a while back at Gold Basin. Anyways the wife and I are going to drive up to Franconia. Were going to leave Tucson around noon this Saturday camp out and hunt Sunday as soon as the sun comes up. Will probably stay until it gets to hot then we have to go up to Hurricane Utah to drop off a trailer. Talk with you later, Jimmy
  16. Well good luck hunting! I hope you guys find some big ones!
  17. We own a whites GMT and a 4B and like both of them. I definitely would say to buy one that has a manual ground balance on it. But if you are going to be out hunting for a new fall the last thing you will need is a metal detector. You just need a walking stick with a neodymium magnet on the end of it. I took my friend out to the Franconia strewn field a while back, he had his detector with him but ended up finding his first meteorite (260 grams) by eye and not with his $800 detector. Just do as much research as possible and even buy some meteorites off of ebay so you can hold them and get an id
  18. Hey Bob, I think that's a great idea we just moved onto a ranch and I know we will be seeing some rattlers here soon. I'll have to keep my eye out for something like that to use as an example. I might let the kids see the dog get bit as well that should keep them away from any snakes to. We have twin boys that are three and fearless.
  19. Congrats that's a nice looking rock! Looking forward to seeing pics of your future finds.
  20. Just wanted to say that my friend Mike and I had a great time Thursday and Friday. It was nice meeting Curt, Steve, Frank, Jason and Dale. Jason found a nice one at Gold Basin Friday. My friend Mike had never even heard of meteorite hunting up until a few days ago when I invited him to go with. He ended up finding a 250 + gram (my scale only goes to 250 but its probably around a 270) Franconia on Thursday for his first find. Were planning on giving it another go this coming week. Nice meeting you all. Hope to see you again soon, Jimmy
  21. Hello Frank it was nice meeting you Friday. Mike and I had a good time hunting and are looking forward to going out again!

  22. Hey Jason, congrats on your first GB find! It was nice meeting you and your dad out there. I'm glad you guys stuck to your own plan instead of coming with us. We came up empty handed while I was there Friday but I still had great time. Mike and I are planing on heading back to Franconia this coming week for a few days so will see what happens. Take care, Jimmy
  23. Hello, my name is Jimmy Christian I live in Tucson Arizona with my wife Michelle. We have been reading all the posts and it looks like we might learn a thing or two by being a member. We love camping, hiking and horseback riding. We own a Whites GMT and a 4B. We are looking forward to getting out and searching for meteorites. HAPPY HUNTING! Jimmy and Michelle
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