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  1. Awsome find Zoso; niiice size! Congrats! I might be out there this weekend 3/6 - 3/7 or possibly the next weekend.
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome! =) Iam probally going to head over to Gold Basin this weekend or possibly next weekend. We went to Franconia this time becuase I took the girlfriend down to Laughlin for a little vacation before she starts her trade school. Figured it was in the area and I'd get the two for one effect. Take her out for a day and Id get to go meteorite hunting for a day. haha Suprising she had a good time hunting and she wants to go again. I said in my first post that I didnt think we found anything. But I think she might of found a couple small fragments that the magnet sucks up an
  3. wow what a collection! some really cool pictures, sounds like a great trip to say the lease.
  4. Hi my name is Aaron. I came across these forums a few weeks ago and have been reading the wealth of information offered here. I want to thank all the contributing members for sharing there knowledge and beautiful finds. About myself Iam 28yrs old and live in Las Vegas, NV born and raise. My interest for meteorite hunting started 15 years ago with my Dad and I hunting meteorites outside Flagstaff, AZ. something about holding a piece of space rock I was just drawn to it like a magnet. 15 years later I remember the great times I had with my father and after watching of all things meteorite men (p
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