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  1. Dang! I am late as well! Happy Birthday, Flak! I know it's a shock for anyone hearing from me, these days...Been off the forums for quite a spell... LONG story! ~LARGO~
  2. Hey, Congratulations on your new home! Having a place to rest your body like that is a good thing. Doesn't have to be fancy, IMO, lots of little problems are easy to fix. Enjoy it and have fun...beats staying home all the time... Largo
  3. Hey Cuz, Beautiful gold! Keep on getting better... You may know already about 5 businesses on Idaho City's main street burned recently...just when the town was ready for summer customers! The jury is still out why it happened, fire inspector was on scene soon as the place cooled a bit. Best wishes! Yer cuz in smoky town, Idaho...
  4. Hey Cuz, just found out of your accident! Sooo sorry to hear of all your sore and broken places. Those falls can happen so soon, and all of a sudden you are waking up wondering what happened... If and when I get out with my detectors, I will send you pictures of the event... Best wishes. Cuz Gary
  5. Cuz, Nope, have not done that streak thing yet. Yesterday I had to go to buy new smart phones, new glasses, and sell a motorcycle... I just looked for a some tile for a streak test, all I had was a piece with adhesive on it... I'll get it done. I do have some Gold Basin pieces from the early 90's... as well as some small ones from North Nevada that have metal showing in the faces I ground on them as well.
  6. AzNuggetBob, I like your way of thinking. Maybe some better photos would help! I just need to figure out how to send them off my new tablet, which takes very GOOD pictures. Gary
  7. I bought a new smart phone today, but I have to wait a day or so, until it is mailed to me from Verizon, as well as a new tablet, so maybe then I can take some photos with better resolution and clarity than what I provided here with my old school Sony Mavica... Here is a couple more with a magnifying lens on the Mavica, hoping for the best... In the photos, where the shininess stops is the end of what I consider to be flow lines. There is what I would say is a leading face, which is melted crust, and is of course black and shiny, and much resembles in shape as the flatness as the end of a hog'
  8. Hey Cuz, "a Las Vegas meteorite or a Yahtzee meteorite?" Whazzatt??? Your turn... Just Cuz...
  9. Hello, I have a very heavy blackish rock with flow lines from what I would call the leading face, towards the rear on about 1/2 of it, then the other half does not have the smooth glossy black crust, but it is more coarse and rough in texture, and the rear portion is a bit rusty. It's weight is about 8.5 pounds, on my bathroom scale. When I hand it to someone they say, wow, that is heavy for it's size. Yes it is, for sure. It is 5-1/2" inches on the long side, 4-1/2" high, and about 4-3/4" inches in width. I took some photos of it a would like some feedback, on what you might think about the
  10. Thank you, Jim! So good to hear from you! Best wishes! Gary/Largo
  11. Ha ha, Gary! You mentioned eating those canned rats (rations) from 1943, reminded me of a time I was going through the chow line, at the airbase at Naha, Okinawa, and was waiting for the eggs to be fried by the cranky mess cook...(hey man, don't be bitchin' about how the eggs are, this ain't McDonalds, you get 'em the way I cook 'em...) I got my eggs, and ate them, they just didn't taste like I thought they should. Later, after leaving the chow hall and getting back to work, some of the guys looked a little green, after comparing notes, we decided what we had breakfast was what hadn't set well
  12. Au Seeker talking about narrow tires spark a memory of how my brother in law, who was a 4 wheel nut, talked about having great success using narrow tires, as described above. They are digging while the others pretty much are floating, so forward progress might be less successful by comparison... No personal experience, just relaying something I heard... Have a good day, all! Gary/Largo
  13. Hi all, Hey thanks guys for the good wishes! Being 73 years old isn't great to think about, but it is what it is, but I do have pretty good health and it would have better if I got out more and hiked a bit. I was all set to jump for one of the new Minelabs, but I think the company may have stepped on their wanker a bit with the price, no matter if it does have all that gee whiz stuff, like the CTX3030... A few extra computer chips and we have a $12,000 metal detector. Don't think so... I just don't understand their marketing strategy. I guess the same guys will be out cleaning out what littl
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