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  1. Hey Cuz, Beautiful gold! Keep on getting better... You may know already about 5 businesses on Idaho City's main street burned recently...just when the town was ready for summer customers! The jury is still out why it happened, fire inspector was on scene soon as the place cooled a bit. Best wishes! Yer cuz in smoky town, Idaho...
  2. Hey Cuz, just found out of your accident! Sooo sorry to hear of all your sore and broken places. Those falls can happen so soon, and all of a sudden you are waking up wondering what happened... If and when I get out with my detectors, I will send you pictures of the event... Best wishes. Cuz Gary
  3. It's the finding of oversize footprints with greater than normal stride distance in the snow, and thrown sealed full steel cache barrels that could lend to a bit of uneasiness. My brother's friend from Eugene, Oregon, found such on his Bohemia gold claim years back, with footprints that didn't follow established trails, but rather more of a straight path over snow covered large brush down into a deep canyon, and back up out of the canyon's steep banks, where a man's boots would not find easy purchase. The man's .44 magnum pistol could be laid in the footprints with plenty of room to spare all around. Yes, that would make me nervous...
  4. Spend a few nights alone in a tent in the high Blues of Oregon, and see who the naysayers are then... Gary
  5. Hi weaver hillbille: Thanks for the welcome contribution! For a while I thought I was preaching fascinating stuff to a very small congregation! All this is pretty much WAY over my head, but looking at the times this technology was developed, there were some pretty smart cookies! Gary/Largo
  6. Hi all, In case you may have missed this show, it will air again, on the Travel Channel, on Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015, at 8/9 central time, AND followed by a show on GOLD to follow. I did see the show, it was much more in depth on the finding of clear calcite, and all the other steps it took to determine the location of the sun on a dark or stormy day, which is a necessity when making directional calculations at sea, or anywhere explorers using such methods may have been. The Vikings just didn't decide to go for an afternoon rowboat ride one day, their lives were focused for hundreds of years, developing the ability to build huge ocean going ships, which you can see on this show. But now I am giving away more than I should. If you have any sense of interest in history, this insight into the Vikings seafaring culture is very worthwhile. I may watch it again, myself. Have a good day! Gary/Largo
  7. Hi all, If you missed watching the show about the Vikings and the stone they utilized to find their way across vast oceans, you missed a great learning opportunity. BUT if the idea intrigues you a bit, I would guess you can still see reruns of the show on the Travel Channel. Amazing how they made the unique qualities of this stone work for them! Gary/Largy
  8. Hi all, A while back, I made a post about Calcite, the stone known by the ancient Vikings, to be an aid in plotting their ship's courses across the open seas. http://www.nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=22763&hl=calcite There will be a new show on the travel channel on this Thursday about this unique stone. How the Vikings figured the way this stone would become such a valuable way to chart courses is beyond me! So if any of you are interested in taking your rowboat on a jaunt across the sea, here will be an opportunity to begin to learn just how to do it! I thought some of you would like to revisit this intriguing subject, so here is your opportunity! Gary/Largo
  9. Yes, I am sure it may come back to haunt us at some point in some way, hopefully that lazy ass that doesn't backfill his holes. Just because you are tired from digging a hole that held no gold, or even if it did, doesn't mean you should walk away from it. You never know who or what might walk or drive into it one at some point. Hopefully it will be you, if that is your habit... Arriving at what I felt was a good place to park my trailer, after driving a long way to get there, I backed into what looked like good place for a camp. What I didn't see, block by some weeds was a nice dig hole. My bad for not looking closer, I know. When in my rear view mirror I could see the wheel of my trailer wheel drop suddenly, I knew it was an oh shite moment...The trailer was up to the axle on the drivers side. Fortunately, I was able to pull the trailer out and do what somebody else should have done, fill in the hole... Bad habits are hard to break, for the most part we are whistling in the wind- it won't make any difference to the offenders, but it might give the new folks something to think about, if they have any decency... Gary
  10. Hi Cuz, Nice looking place! Having my druthers, and a pocketful of cash, a place like that or even smaller in these waning days of my life, would be an idea place to have some privacy and much welcome quiet for a change... A friend of mine, a cowboy type, found himself rich widow, and wound up with a nice ranch, where he could do his cowboy thing, I had that same sort of idea for a long time, but doubt it will happen any time soon... That is a nice part of the country, drove through some parts of country in that area, I think, while driving south off the main artery coming south out of Oregon, a short cut?? to the Reno area. I did this at night, and all I could think about was a Sasquatch getting ready to jump out in front of me... Looking back is tough, my Dad sold a section of ground for about 200 dollars back in the late 40's, right next to a promontory called Table Rock, just above the old Idaho Territorial Prison in Boise. Part of that acreage now has multi-million dollar homes up there, in a place called "Wild Horse Ranch", I look at those places, and think what could have been, if Dad hadn't needed those 200 dollars so bad... Take care, Cuz Gary
  11. OMG! What happened to the saved content feature? I tried to find it, but apparently I missed it. I get that feature now, but lost a boatload of great info on this subject... Guess it is lost to the ages, I hope not... Gary
  12. Hi all, Like El Dorado, and Garimpo, I had some custom fitted earpieces made that would accept earbuds. A guy at a gun show was selling them, he put some fast setting up material in your ears, and in about 5 minutes, the stuff was set up. He then would take the mold and finish it up in his shop, and mail the finished product to you. The hardest part is deciding what color you want, there are a bunch to choose from. The ear pieces worked pretty good, but they do filter out any outside noise. Mine were in the price range the guys talked about. And they can be duplicated by the manufacturer, using the original molds, in case you lose one somehow. The good thing is, there is nothing to break about them. Super pliable, and receives the design of ear buds you decided on when you were in the buying/fitting process. Gary/Largo
  13. Check it out! If you haven't tried it, give it a go! I was going camping last week in Nevada, saw this product, and decided it MIGHT be tasty. It was very good, beyond expectation, and the good news is, it is good for you! Maybe not, but it sure tastes great, if you like jalapenos... Next, I will try it with tortillas or bread as a on the run samich... ~LARGO~ ***Certificate of approval**
  14. Hi Goldbug Ron, I was going down there, wanted to brush up on my GPX5000 that I have not been able to use for the past 2+ years, due to my wife's health reasons. Now I can't go, due to MY not feeling so shiny... I put the 5 I owed you under that rock out there, hope you found it... Gary/Largo
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