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  1. I guess I will need some OJT on posting videos...couldn't get the job done last week. Don't know if it is my computer or??? It seemed there were more hoops to jump thru to post than I had used in the past. Largo
  2. Mitchel, that is a dandy hunk! Congratulations on your find, it is a rare one, and enjoy it for years to come! Largo..
  3. Hi all, The little guy definitely has incredible talent! Ah, yes the Shadow knows...scary enough for sure at the age of 4! Add to that, one show I liked was, The Creaking Door, just listening to it on the radio, gave me the shivers! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvw6jrCW_8w Gary
  4. Re: Starry Starry Night: Ahh...I did finally note that ya have advance the sound start bar on the screen itself... Clicking on the speaker won't make the music. Such a beautiful song with a sad theme of personal challenges of Vincent Van Gogh... Gary
  5. Geeze, Don, Not sure if there is a rating for such antics... That is some really wild foxy womens, from WAY back! Somehow, it was better back then... I like the Starry Strarry night song, but couldn't hear any musica... Gary
  6. Hi Chuck, Happy Birthday! It is good to hear from you! I think that is the picture I was thinking about. Good memories out there on the RP placers, with you, Gracey, Havasu Bill, Little Bill, Smokey, and a bunch more... Gary
  7. Don, Nice gold! I do remember those early Minelab big green searchcoils. I have a photo somewhere of Chuck from Texas swinging his big trashcan coil when he was 80 or so... Gary
  8. Hey Don, Pretty tough for us old fartes not to tap a foot! Makes me weary just watching those fine boogie woogie champs! Largo
  9. HI all, I didn't hear any word in that song that I would consider "politically incorrect". For those that might, I guess that is their choice. Thanks guys for posting it, and making it available to those who still care greatly about our country... Largo
  10. Hey Don, I did hear what she said, not quoting completely, she said she could dance all night... Something very near to that! Largo
  11. Hey Don, She is really with it, complete with a complimentary pelvic...dam there went my back... thrust... Goes to show age is just a condition of the mind. Good for her! Always young! Largo
  12. Hey Don, That is awesome! All those piano lessons, and thousands of hours of practicing are paying off! Thanks for sharing!
  13. Hi Don, I've been pretty busy lately, missed the good rock & roll you put on, until tonite... Pretty cool stuff, slow dancing, almost unheard of today, really neat cars, and groups with lots of talent. The next one you posted, done at Antone's, with Johan Blohm, a truly talented guy with a equally talented group of rocking musicians. Playing a dandy once again tonite, Johan Blohm and Seven Nights to Rock, a real toe tapper, I never get tired of hearing it! Largo
  14. Hi Lanny, I was good to chat with you as well. I hope you have a great trip to Hawaii! Keep in touch! Gary
  15. Hi all, thanks for the comments. Bill- I've been taking care of business around home. Wife's health keeps me on a short rein, didn't ride my m/c but a couple of miles in the last year or so. Got out w/ my Minelab once, so the nuggies will have to remain waiting a little longer for me. Rimshot- thanks for the comment. The gold is most unusual for sure, thanks to Ma Nature. Garimpo- as soon as I dug that nugget up, I recognized the dog resemblance, as I know she would much rather be with me than waiting at home. Maybe I will bring her along next year. I think Reno Chris showed up about the
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