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  1. I was in my apartment in Santiago with the kids and it was a wild ride for a few minutes but we are all fine - it happened 3.30am last night and it is 2.30pm the next day and I still don't have power. However most of the buildings look pretty good considering - i think the local building requirements have forced the builders over the last 30 years to build for earthquakes.
  2. Steve, I remember reading that 87% was privately owned, 99% of the centre and south is privately owned. I understand there are still some areas in the north such as in the Atacama desert which are still government owned. Which land is government owned land is a bit of a guarded secret and the people who know which land is government land can apply to purchase the land, usually at a ridiculously low price, through the Minister of Bienes Nacionales - people with the right connections, usually the rich families or those with political connections ended up with all the decent land. Regards Muni
  3. Garmimpo, Good to hear from you. I read your posts. I lived in Luziania, Goais back in 1997/98 doing work in a lab for a South African gold miner who was planning on setting up a gold mine. The brazilians once you figure them out are good to work with. Even after 10 years in chile i still haven't worked out the chileans out but I do know they are a pain in the arse to work with. I agree with you doing it on the quiet is better, the regulator don't want the hassle of some small time prospector and its much easier for the nugget hunter. The Chilean ranch owners are a funny bunch - you're r
  4. I wish I had seen this post earlier - I am a lonely gringo living in Coquimbo and i have a GPX4000 which I have been meaning to use but haven't had the chance. There is gold in a number of areas in Chile - most of the old timers will tell you there are no nuggets, only fine gold but this is not the case. I read a report recently from a gold miner of exploration in Valdivia and they did a 300m trench and found a substantial number of nuggets between 1gram and 126 grams so there are nuggets. The best place to get maps of where the gold mines are is at Sernageomin at 0104 Avenida Santa Maria in
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