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  1. I am pretty sure these rocks are Andasite - i showed it to the local mining department and they had a very similar rock in their display case described as "Andasita Textura Ocaitica" but they couldn't tell me much more. I fogot to include a penny to give some scale but the rocks in the photo are about about 2 inches x 1 inch. I was prospecting in an area in the north of Chile and the area was full of these rocks - i only spent a few hours there but didn't find any gold. I crushed up some specimens and panned them but no gold. The small ones like the one attached do not affect my detector but
  2. I have a GPX 4000 and am working in highly mineralised ground - i use the standard 11"DD most of the time becuase it is quieter. I also have two Mono coils - a 12x15 commander mono and a 5x10 Joey mono but I don't use these as I find a bit unstable. Is it possible to run the mono coils in the DD setting on the control box. If so, would this be more stable - does this mean that the strongest signal will still go through the centre of the coil - will the field shape be the same. I know it is possible to run a DD coil in Mono mode but I don't know if you can run a Mono coil in DD mode. If so
  3. Thanks. Where can I find docs speaker system? If I can't find something better I'm looking at buying the following http://cgi.ebay.com/Minelab-GPX-Battery-System-Nugget-Finder-Coiltek-Gold-/260716527276?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cb3ea7eac Anyone ever used this? Just found his site googling it. http://www.docsdetecting.com/
  4. I have had enough of using headphones and I am going to make the leap to an external speaker system. Anyone have any advice on the best external system for the GPX4000. I'm planning on buying the Coiltek http://minersdensa.com.au/xcart/External-Speaker-Booster-GPX4000.html
  5. Garimpo did you ever get an answer to this. I also have a Commander 11" DD and if you touch the connector at the end where the control box is it gives off a whine - it has been slowly getting worse to the point I think I need to change the cord
  6. My guess is Iron Pyrite but it is just a guess.
  7. I use the standard Minelab battery harness that came with my GPX 4000. I find the minelab harness that I have just feels too loose and doesn't seem to give much support - I think the problem is I'm too skinny(my wife says I gotta eat more and put on some pounds) - I tried converting a backpack that I have and that seemed to give more support but it can get a bit hot when i'm detecting in the middle of the day. I don't use a hip stick just the bungee cord that connects from the detector shaft to the harness. I was looking at some of the military load bearing harnesses - anyone have any sugges
  8. I use the Garmin GPSMap60csx and it is great - the 550 was a bit expensive for me. However, the GPSmap60csx does not come with the topos loaded but I think the 550 has topos preinstalled for the US. If you want to use topos on the 60csx you need to buy them afterwards but I haven't checked how much they costs - probably between $100-$200. Topos are real useful to figure out if the area is too hilly to walk with a metal detector. I find the gps invaluable for remembering waypoints and the electronic compass is essential.
  9. Garimpo, I'm in the process of finalising my claim so i have to be careful what i put online. when my claim is finalised i'll post the co-ordingates and some fotos - it is real rough terrain - it is quite hilly with steep decents - the old miners in the 1930's and 40's broke every rock they could find trying to find gold so the sides of the hills are just peebles - real difficult to walk up or down let alone use a metal detector so i have to stay mainly in the valleys.
  10. I probably need to correct myself - it is probably more the sun than the heat - as there are cloudless skies all day and i am prospecting at between 1000m to 1500m above sea level the sun tends to fry me and as it is desert there are no trees there is no shade to take a rest. The temperature never gets much above 90F probably due to the altitude. I am prospecting on the Chile side of the andes but i suspect it is the same on the Argentine side.
  11. I live in Chile and you will have a great time in Argentina - the people, food, culture are all good, the wine is even better. I tend to find I don't prospect much in December because its the start of summer and I'm in the north of Chile and it is just too hot - sometimes in the morning I can get out and sometimes in the late afternoon but during the day its just too hot. I don't know what part of Argentina you are planning to go to - if it is close to the Andes it will be hot.
  12. I was in my apartment in Santiago with the kids and it was a wild ride for a few minutes but we are all fine - it happened 3.30am last night and it is 2.30pm the next day and I still don't have power. However most of the buildings look pretty good considering - i think the local building requirements have forced the builders over the last 30 years to build for earthquakes.
  13. Steve, I remember reading that 87% was privately owned, 99% of the centre and south is privately owned. I understand there are still some areas in the north such as in the Atacama desert which are still government owned. Which land is government owned land is a bit of a guarded secret and the people who know which land is government land can apply to purchase the land, usually at a ridiculously low price, through the Minister of Bienes Nacionales - people with the right connections, usually the rich families or those with political connections ended up with all the decent land. Regards Muni
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