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  1. One other variable that could influence the outcome of gold and silver prices possibly in the future, is the impact of cheap oil being dumped on the market right now by the Saudis . It will put a strain on our smaller US oil companies leaving bank notes unpaid that may require bank bailouts like the ones we had back in 2008. It cost the Saudis a lot less to pump their oil and extract it from the ground than it does the US from shells and other sands as well as going to the depths in the ground required to get it. I believe we have lots of oil, but the cost for the US oil companies getting our
  2. I see right now the Dollar index is at a all 5 year high. That would explain a lot of what were seeing in regards to some of our commodity prices dropping right now. The US $ index will eventually spiral back downward as a result of our national debt, interest on the debt with the spending budget deficits we currently have in place. It's over loaded as it is, and keeps going. I'd say hang on to all your gold right now. My gut feeling is the Dollar index will drop dramatically in a year or so as a result of the above, and gold will skyrocket again.
  3. I'm with TomH. In the middle. The middle picture posted above shows some disturbed dirt on the border line of the 2 colored dirts.
  4. Remember on Sunday, set your clock back one hour. On Tuesday, be careful that you don't set the country back 1000 years.
  5. The only difference I can see, is if one coil impedence matches the other coil impedence better than the other. That's the difference I see. Less sensitivity, and can't go as deep. Very, Very little significant difference on draining a battery quicker over target tones.
  6. Frank, the RF coil acts as a radio frequency/antenna. The battery supplies power to the RF amplifier that intern drives the transmit/receive antenna coils. Therefore, it is going to require the same power to the RF amplifier.
  7. Hi Frank, I would say no because the coil is a RF component, and not a DC component so it would not matter the size of coil.
  8. Hi Dolan, That is also a good one that has a little more larger screen than the Dakota's have, but may also have a camera available to one of them. The Montana's are the largest screen Garmin gps hand helds available for old farts like me who can't see very well. Each model Montana does have the camera installed in it also. Less ergonomical in carrying around though. I would be careful not to transfer the pictured images you take with it as it would be similar to cell phone location pictured images of unwanted locations when transfering the images to forums like this one.
  9. Frank, As most of the previous comments stated above are good to know, there are also a few more bells and whistles that I personally like that could also be a benefit to a prospector on the side. The Garmin Dakota 20 is a good one, and has some features that you might use, and some you may never use, but it is there if you want it with the expandable memory. 1. I’ll start with the satellite imagery capability. You can overlay a topo over a google earth image, and see your terrain with elevation contours at the same time with detail. 2. If you download or buy a 24K micro SD c
  10. $1864.00/oz. Wait untill the end of September. Seems like that has nearly always been the worst month of every year for the markets in the past.
  11. Well, I was waiting for the owner to send his pictures, and provide me the permission to post his nugget finds for you guys here. The larger specimen he said, weighed around 1/2oz.
  12. Well, I just got a call today from my used to be neighbor from Mayer Arizona, and he was so excited about his nugget he found with Tim, Reno Chris, and Eldorado, Lucky Lundy, that I believe he lost his virginity, once and for all. Being that I’m in Texas now and handicapped, I wish like hell I could have been there. I know Reno C. and El dorado will attest of his excitement. Job well done guys. P.S. It’s a good thing I wasn’t there, this Texan would have cleaned your clocks.
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