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  1. The cypher is listed in the book. See the start of this thread that has links where to but the book.
  2. i just talked to Robert Tatham's son and he confirmed that it has not been located yet also that in the cyphers their is a phone number and address that you have to call or write to get the final coordinates of the treasure. By the way i live in st. peters mo if anyone is interested in tackling this together.
  3. first cypher the number's 74,358,4,204,266,137,66 are used two times. total of 150 words or sets of numbers i have tried this cypher with words letters combination of numbers, and even using the frequency methods. all with the declaration of independence. starting from the top "in Congress" and then "When in the course" and then from the end all including and excluding the signatures. so i created a searchable PDF of the book and searched for key words to no avail. I also have the 1974 version of the book i will be comparing them to see if there are any small word changes in the stories that exists in both books will keep you up dated.. may have a lease as to the soldiers march the key to the second cypher
  4. Goldfinger that was not directed towards you i believe that someone was looking for clues to the book and i was stating where i believe the clues to be in the book. i am well aware that you are vested in this. if some of us can start posting what we think on here it might help others
  5. here is your reference to the march maybe page 66 " If you do not find the quest for the "Missouri treasures" a challenge, then you and i must march to a different drum beat. he also states that this cypher is like the beal cypher which was solved by using the deceleration of independence see here for the link
  6. Thanks for replying to me steve but i still don see how the declaration of independence works on the tatham cipher here is the first line in the first cipher respect(53 that(80) a(51) of(57) dissolve(15) causes(65 the(3) for(11) opinions(56 them(22) these(74 bands(18) earth(33) human(6) the(16) to(26 among(28) the(34 just(120 How does that work ? i tried the whole word first letter last letter backwards forwards please explain and if you are talking about the beale cyphers they have been solved please see this link http://bealesolved.tripod.com/index.html
  7. i don't believe that the declaration is used for one of the keys i have tried it on all four ciphers and the list of soldiers that you refer to in a cival war march does not work either so any other clues to figuring out at least one cypher
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