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  1. Hi Frank! Sorry for such a late reply, but thank you! It is appreciated! We'll have to meet up for a hunt real soon now that the weather is finally cooling down! Happy hunting, Jason a.k.a. Zoso
  2. Dean, Those are some fantastic looking irons you got there! Gonna have to make it out to Glorieta soon! Thanks for sharing! Jason
  3. Hi Bob, Thank you for your post! Yeah, I wasn't expecting it to be a piece of the shuttle. Just a pretty improbably theory I came up with. :yuk-yuk: The mystery continues... Jason
  4. Hi Steve, I haven't hit it with a hammer (don't want to damage it too much). I have, however, done a hardness test on it. I was able to scratch it a 4d common nail, which has a hardness of about 5.5 on the Moh's scale. Titanium has a hardness of 6. I understand that alloys of titanium (especially material that have been melted) can be softer than a 5.5. But I could be wrong about that. Thanks for your help, Jason
  5. Hi Frank! Yeah, I'll bring it next time we meet up! Maybe it's something Uncle Marvin will recognize from his home planet. :yuk-yuk: Steve, Yes, I did do a streak test on it, and it gave me a very dark gray, almost black streak. This supports my theory that this thing is some sort of melted titanium or alloy, thereof. Thanks for both of your guy's input! Jason
  6. Hello forum, I've been doing quite a bit of research trying to find out just what in the world this thing could be, but all I have managed to do is come up with some theories, and nothing more. First, I'd like to provide some info about the object. The object weighs in at 1.9 grams, and is shaped like a jellybean due to what appears to be some sort of ablation that has broken or melted a piece off of it. It makes my Gold Master II detector scream! I get a signal with it comparable to signals I get with iron meteorites. When I use the iron I.D. on my detector, it gives me a "no iron" reading. The strong signal I get with my detector makes me want to believe that this object is metallic. As I stated above, it is very lightweight for its size, which would rule out it being lead. I have an iron bead from Gold Basin that is less than half the size of the object, and it weighs the same. The object is non-magnetic. Even three rare earth magnets stacked together have no effect on the object. My guess, based on the physical characteristics of it, are that it's some sort of lightweight metal such as titanium. This object is very solid, and doesn't bend, break, or dent with any pressure like aluminum would. Also, of interesting note, I did some research on the flight path of the Space Shuttle Columbia when it broke up during re-entry. Interestingly enough, the flight path was pretty much above where I found this. Coincidence? Probably. But, who knows? And, finally, here are some photos of the object: Any thoughts or opinions on what this could be are greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading and looking, Jason B)
  7. Unfortunately, Meteorite Hunting is not like the Obama administration...no handouts for the lazy, here! You have to work for your meteorites!
  8. I couldn't have said it any better myself. Mr. Kreigh sure helped me out finding this great meteorite. His presence is felt very strong out there in Gold Basin. Quantumhigh, moondog, windward, and John, thank you all for your comments. What an honor it is for one of the original discoverers of the Gold Basin Strewn Field to congratulate me on my find! It really means a lot! Both my dad (VegasRocker) and I will be out there in Gold Basin tomorrow. We'll be in a red Chevy Colorado, if anybody wants to meet up. Happy hunting! Jason
  9. Thank you everyone for the kind words! It really means a lot! I forgot to mention in my post that it was a pleasure to meet Curt, Frank, Jimmy, Mike, and Steve out there! Really nice guys. Can't wait to get back out there and find some more! Next weekend sounding good to anyone? :lol: Happy hunting, Jason
  10. Hello all, I'm proud to say that I finally found my first meteorite yesterday (2/26) in Gold Basin!!! My dad (VegasRocker) and I were about to turn the truck around after a looong day of finding nothing but hot rocks, bullets, and wire, but we decided to stop and detect for a little bit before we called it a day. Upon getting out of the truck, my dad proclaimed that he had a good feeling about this particular spot. I told him that we HAD to find a meteorite now. :yuk-yuk: About 150 feet away, this meteorite was waiting for me. It was buried about three inches below the soil, near a bush. I'm not only ecstatic because this is my first meteorite find, but also because she weighs in at 72 grams! I never would have dreamed of my first find being this big! Here are some photos of the meteorite: Cleaned up: This meteorite makes up for the five trips out to Gold Basin coming out empty handed. :yuk-yuk: I can hardly wait to get back out into the field and find me some more! Happy hunting, Jason
  11. Hello everyone! I am new to the board and just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jason and I live in Henderson, NV. I've recently gotten into meteorite hunting thanks to my dad (VegasRocker). I've only been hunting for a few months, and I'm still a novice, but I've definitely caught the meteorite hunting bug! When I'm not meteorite hunting, I'm playing guitar. I'm an award winning rock/blues guitar player, and have been winning competitions since I was seven. Bragbragbrag. :hahaha: I enjoy the classic rock legends such as Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. I'm also a freelance web and graphic designer. I'm looking forward to meeting some of you fellow hunters out in the strewn field! Happy hunting and rock on! Jason
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