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  1. We had -23 and dead calm, we haven't had a -35 day all winter ---dang global warming.
  2. Ghost Towns and Mining Districts of Montana by Terry Halden gives pretty general locations on mines in the area, type,who discovered, when in operation. The west fork of the Bitteroot around Woods Cr was the only thing mentioned in the area your talking about but lots of stuff over the top on the Deerlodge side. Bear in mind there was an awful lot of discoveries that were never recorded for whatever reasons or were lost to time. Really good area where your at and the big hole over the pass is really a neat area. You can always find out from the locals who the resident miners --prospectors are and maybe grill them a little. the book mentioned above has a quote you might want to keep in mind though--- "A mine is a hole in the ground,owned by a liar"
  3. try www.geocommunicator. gov it should help you out just takes a while to figure out the info they privide and its not real up to date so use caution.
  4. dirty ike


    Garimpo you can get on ebay and find the factory service manuals from dealerships for sale pretty reasonable, there all used but just fine and you can't beat the factory info and its year and model specific to your rig. I buy them for all of my rigs when i can find them. The LOCTITE only works to keep the nut or bolt from coming loose, if the bolt is over torqued its gonna break no matter what else you do. Do they ding you really bad when you order parts from out of country? IE grade 5 or 8 bolts are easy to come by here same with a torque wrench but if there dinging you really bad on shipping or importing things i get your point. Would be willing to help if you need it. Just went back and read the first posts on your yota and i tend to think in terms of every thing being made state side or Japan so a lot of the info i gave is probably useless so just ignore me i'll go away.
  5. Sweet Jeep--great restoration job--and the rest of you are aging yourself.Big Daddys art and custom work will live forever.
  6. dirty ike


    You need to get a good quality torque wrench and stand right there when your mech. does his thing and make sure every bolt is "torqued" to specs or your never gonna get away from those broken bolts.It's really easy to stretch a bolt past it's maximum torque point and most people have no clue they do it, hell half the time the bolts are broke before you drive it away. Use a little LOCKTITE on the threads and the proper torque and you should be good to go--and i hope your using the correct hardness of bolt that YOTA calls for because that will make a huge difference also. Oh yeah only torque them once don't go back and check them 2 or 3 times you'll over strech the bolts or start pulling threads. good luck
  7. Good program and i can't wait to see who they villianize and who the group idiot is (there already working on that). But i really don't see any good coming out of this in the future because our government has a dismal track record when the greenies really start to squeal, oh my god there digging up the creek bed and where is the sewage treatment plant. The PETA people are probably already going nuts over the bear kill episode.dang i'm getting way to negative here--gotta get a life--to much snow here--gotta find some bare ground--going nuts
  8. dirty ike


    That lockrite system is a really good setup as well as an air locker or a detroit locker they all work well on asphalt as well as dirt and are really the way to go. The spools are a set up for locking the axles together with no ratching on the corners--both wheels spin the same no matter what--and there way less expensive than the lockers, but if this is going to be yor daily driver your better off in the long run with the lockrite or lockers.In my mind it would be best to go with air lockers front and rear but the cost is pretty steep and there are more things that can go wrong when you really need them. I have never priced or used the lockrite system but have several friends that have used them with good results. Hope this helps.
  9. dirty ike


    Don't know for certain but you may be able to by a mini spool for your rear diffi and it doesn't destroy your 3 member like welding does. I have built a lot of ( poor mans posi) rearends and its a quick fix at best and a nightmare to remove when it breaks (and it will break) really soon if you run it on the asphalt.There are several places to get the spools or mini spools start with Speedway, JEGS, Summit Racing, PAW, or any racer supply outfit you can think off. The mini spool is cheap and easy to install it just replaces the spider gears and they work pretty well and will outlast a weld job. The regular spool is just a solid 3rd member that you bolt your ring gear to by far the better of the 2 and darn near indestructable, a little harder to install though. The mini spool is cheap usually under 100.00 bucks stateside and the regular spool would be under 250.00 don't know how bad the shipping would be to you. I'd really hate to see you get stranded out in the boonies with that poor mans posi. good luck
  10. Yeah there harmless as long as the key is off but turn it on and look out--had one throw me over the handlebars and ran my ass over and another that jumped of a 30 ft drop and tried to stomp me stupid---don't trust em!
  11. Come on guys it's just water --you ain't gonna melt-- if it ain't frozen solid get your muckalucks and ponchos and get after it! DIRTY IKE
  12. Dealing with the forest circus is the same as dealing with a lawyer ,politician, or a diaper!
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