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  1. Wtg Mitchel nice find and continued success with that coil it was good to me it will be good to you too
  2. Hello Everyone , Bill I want to Thank you for letting me tag along to the outing was awesome. I met alot of wonderful people and also Thanks again Michigan Frank for those crystals. Jeff glad to help out a fellow prospector. I had a wonderful time and cant wait for another outing. Mike C. :wubu: nuff said I'm a dollar lighter. Bill darn glad you decided to stop on our way out as i was able to score a Gold Basin meteorite before we left . Jim loved that Chili . Well was a real pleasure again meeting everyone putting names to some faces really cool. Thank You for the memories Joe
  3. Hey Bill, Have they told you what sizes they will be offering?
  4. Wow that is an amazing find :spinnin: :zapped:
  5. Really nice specimen Bunk. :whoope:
  6. Frakenstein is an understatement. Looks like a science experiment gone wrong or right not sure :hmmmmm:
  7. Hello Everyone, Bill and I did explore some new ground. And I do apologize to you Bill again for my upset stomach. That dam cigar I smoked this morning made me sick as a dog. Anyway, Feeling a lot better. Looking forward to our next hunt. Here's a pic of that nice 1 grammer. Using the GPX 5000 w/ 14" round Mono, Fine Gold Timings. Thank You again Bill I had a blast. Joe
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