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  1. I have 19.8 grams of Montana gold nuggets for sale. Im asking $1000 bucks Thanks, Mike
  2. The future for minelab has to be discrimination on a pi machine, where it would tell you it was gold and nothing else. It will be done someday probably not in our time though.
  3. Keep the monster, I carry it while I am detecting with my 5000 then I can check targets closer to the surface and discriminate whether its ferrous or non ferrous. I have also seen where on porous nuggets, the monster will give off a good signal where as the sdc 2300 would not. The monster is one heck of a detector and do not ever get rid of it, it can always be the skunk buster.
  4. That sounds good, my grandma grew up there with 14 brothers and sisters quite the stories. I have the monster and love it have found some pieces the 2300 and 5000 could not hear. If you ever get down this way give me a shout and we can go detecting.
  5. Nice gold there, where are you located in Montana oneguy, I am in Dillon.
  6. Thanks Gary, they were detected with a GPX 5000 and 14x9 EVO coil. Nice nugget there, it does resemble mine, they have been squashed and rolled around a little bit.
  7. Heres some yella stuff from Montana, bigger nugget is 19.5 grams. Also some specimens that were dug out of a vein in an old timers saddle, where they took the outcropping, but missed the gold just off to the side.
  8. Bill what coil is she running, I have the monster and am very impressed with it.
  9. I have the gold monster and love it, easy to run and has a warranty.
  10. Great looking detector Tom, what are you using in place of it.
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