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  1. Thanks for that Andy. I'm bemussed by the 'drama' of this particular rock. But then, I;m not a rock hound. It's still a lively discussion point amongst the plebs and I say little a learn a lot. No wiser though. . . lemons
  2. We call them cattle-grids here is Australia. some of them can take the front-end out of a HiLux as easy as a blink. Sideline: I'm reading . . . that should GW Bush resume his political aspirations. . . He could get his little brown butt back in the WhiteHouse. Please tell me I'm wrong. . . :unsure: lemons PS: we have our own problems over here. This year is Election Year. I guess we get what we deserve. :hmmmmm:
  3. Hi, Randy. My mates stone is a much darker color. He also suggested I postn the 'Soil Setting' results again; sorry, I thought I did. Lead-1070 ppm. Barrium=661, Iron-504, Tin-124, Antimony-84, rubidium-56, Copper-46.6 ppm. I've gone through the results and silicon Si does not appear. I'm not sure what to make of that. . . As for the pictures you posted, I have not seen those flaking areas on this stone and the lustre and feel is waxy. I haven't applied a streak test either. The pale blue has been suggested as being torquoise. wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turquoise#Formation Yes, that was my suggestion too. To send it to the university. I will be in Perth in a couple of weeks and suggested I take it down with me. He doesn't seem keen for that to happen and most of the minerals and maining stuff probably happens up here in Kal at the school of mines. you all know the yarn about taking a horse to water, eh? :yuk-yuk: Goldfinger, Steve your brown stuff is on the way. A couple of hints: a little goes a long way, with butter is best; parmessan cheese too an water crackers. . . unsalted, of course. lemons
  4. I'm not precious rock man. I don't know why it attracts such interest, but it is pretty and abundant here in Australia. I guess it's like any stone. . . there are grades and quallity. . . beyond me. I've got the final results from tests and Ni does not appear. How is that? The test instrument is commonly used to define ore insitu and is reliable. No Ni does this mean it is a psudomorph? and. . . whats that worth in spending dollars? I'm working on him to get back out there and ntry to find more. lemons
  5. Well. . . pedro tells me the green rock doesn't give a result for nickel. Is this important in defining the rock? lemons
  6. Thanks Andy, I'll pass that on. Who claims the Vegemite? lemons
  7. steve, yes it is very heavy compared to similar rocks. I am working in ironstone country just now and it feels like high-grade ironstone. It looks like soap on a string and the string has busted off. I wish my freind could remember more but it was twenty-years ago since he received it. Yes the green/blue may well have an association with chrysoprase. . . the gem guy said. The sky-blue material looks powdery and he says that is usual for torquois, it polishes up good. The instrument I haven't seen, but it's a Top-Shelf item which, I believe, knocks electons and atoms around to read their elements. Ya gotta watch out for your nuts when using it I'm told. BTW, it also has barrium in the reading ~ 661 ppm bigrex, the results for precious metals are: Au-0.758, Fe-0.206, Ir-10.22, Zn-0.425, Cu-88.29 ppm. G'day grubstake, I saw Lapis in northern India years ago. I was told that it came from Afghanistan or Iran. It sure is a pretty stone. lemons
  8. Thanks guys, the miner who owns these just sold a couple of cwt of that chrysoprase. He has an electronic gadget for testing and the rock disagreed with his sold batch results. There's a sky-blue material that is harder to see in the image, the gem bloke thinks it's torqoise which is not known in this district. But, we do have ruby, saphfire and opal (precious)around here. They put another electronic tester on it and those are the composition results for General Metals. Copper features highly on the test results. Both have quite a bit of radiation too. The soap stone has the highest emmissions. . . according to the test gadget. The soap-stone is thought to be barrium. Good on you,I'll point him to the forum. He needs to go back and search again where he found it. lemons
  9. G'day all, my good friend Pedro showed me some scone-scratchers that nobody here can identify. The green one is about 3"x2" and is not as blue as the image suggests. More green than blue as it appear in the second shot, but that is too dark. I tried to get the color natural but failed. One of our mates is a gem miner and knows a thing or two about interesting rocks, but he con only say that this rock is a psudomorph. . . whatever than is, kinda not one or the other is my guess. Here's a bit of help for you: al-0.758, Pb-0.170, Cu-4.82, Bi-0.023, Mo-0.022, Nb-0.020, Zt-0.004 ppm. Lead shows 1070 ppm, Tin-124, antimony-84 and rubidium=56 ppm. These tests are not complete, but I'm not any wiser for the effort. I would describe its luster as waxy. I is also very hard. I notice some beads on the close-up image which may be a clue. It was found on the surface of a granite outcrop north of Kal. No source discovered. http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e245/dzahed/Rocks/mysteryrock1a.jpg http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e245/dzahed/Rocks/mysteryrock1b.jpg The second comes from South Australia around the area of coober pedy, but it may have been transpoted. My mate was given the rock by another miner. He believes this miner had others sinilar. I think it looks like a bar of soap and we do play tricks by leaving it in the bathromm. my mate has had it a long time and can't tell anything about except he thought it was a native bees nest. Unlikely I think. It extremely heavy. Tests: Ba-1048,Sb-135, Sh or Sn-91, Sr-1380. I don't make anything from this info, but perhaps others know. http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e245/dzahed/Rocks/mysteryrock2c.jpg http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e245/dzahed/Rocks/mysteryrock2b.jpg Now, the prize! One large jar of Vegemite posted to you for your cullinary pleasure. http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e245/dzahed/Rocks/Vegemite.jpg lemons
  10. I would expect very short finals for this birdman. where do you get these 'weird' posts garimpo? daza
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