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  1. After graduation with the checks flowing in I had decided to get what my mind has been fixated on for the past 2 years, a shiney new rocktumbler. Something called the 'Thumblers tumbler' which turned out to be an extremely nice product with a pure (what feels like) pure silicone rubber barrel with a capacity of 3lbs. This thing turned out to be quieter than a running sink and doesnt run hot at all after 2 weeks of continous running. After checking up on the first load the water was THICK with extremely fine sediment; you could have stood a spoon up in it literally. So why let all those small
  2. The annual rock and mineral fair was held for about 7 hours today so I decided to go. The moment I walked through the door, my eyes layed sight on a billantly blue spire of what looked like a colored version of ulextite 'tv stone' it was a natural mineral i have never heard of called "Chalcanthite". Of course it was the first thing I bought being that blue is my favorite color. So when I got back home I researched it and found it was simply copper sulphate (which made me understand why something so eyecatching fit within my budget). Supposedly it decays over time due to it's extreme soluabilit
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