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  1. Ya Bill great talk I been doing this for for years swing, I may be wrong but I think we started prospecting around the same time , but every time you give a talk I learn some thing . I would have said hi but you had to many people around you I was holding up a wall in the back of the room . lennyuma
  2. I like the looks of the one that look like a square foot, just right to stuff in your back pack can do that with the round one real smart johnnyuma
  3. Shep hope u do well Ill say a pray for you buddie
  4. Hay Bill happy birthday, long time no see, how your doing well I hope LennyYuma
  5. Bill if you come down this way Email me you have a place to flop
  6. Thanks Max for your reply I been in Yuma since 60 so I pretty much know where I can or can not go. As for your buddy the cop no problem. It just that my girl friend has a fit. When I go out by my self. I GPS her on my cell phone of the area I am swing in so if things get tight, they know what area to look in. The partner I had pass a way about three years ago we always took two utv so we had back up if one broke down.
  7. Ya it was finding gold for me to, my ex wife asked me why did I want to sell it, cause it was finding gold, I still kick my self for selling it. I think if you was a nice guy you split you finds with me. My girlfriend has a fit when I go out by my self, so thats why I looking to find some to swing with. I was out last week drove all the way back to my trailer pulled the UTV on the trailer shut it off, didnt like the way I parked it, tried to again. It was dead. Talk about luck. Heading out this morning to do a little swinging
  8. Looking to hook up with some one in the Yuma Area, that likes to prospect for gold with a metal detector . I have a side by side UTV and swing a minelab, not looking to chaffer and body around the desert, must have their own ATV or UTV for back up in case of break downs Buddy system. If interest Email me leonard.pawlak@Yahoo.com
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