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  1. got mine monday also and im am already reading it thanks so much!
  2. Oh I understand and appreciate everyones opinions and advice,I do read ,read ,read,read......and I am patiently waiting.I have read compared,researched and know I will be savin up for a while.I was just wondering if it was worth getting and it was but i was too late in buying it...it would have been a fun toy to play with even in my backyard and practice.I will be buying a few samples of nuggets,grains,flakes and meteroties to test with anyway....and be hunting around the pawn shops around here.......and savings my pennies
  3. ok but im hoping the whites eagle II will ...anyone have a meteorite and a little gold nug to sell me lol so i can test...
  4. Well I don't have 5-600 laying around right now to spend and was wondering if this was a decent enough device to go out with and have a little fun ... If I have to wait to get 800-1000 to spend on equipment I might end up waiting forever lol ... I will eventually buy a high end device just right now is not the time finacally... My three year old daughter ,day care ,mortgage ,is already alot and I have about 10,000 invested into another hobby that should be giving me some residuals soon....
  5. well been doing my research and most of you recomend a whites for nugget shooting and meteorite hunting ...' I found a whites eagle 2 whith a gold max and a standard coil for $90 I know this price is a good deal but will it get me some finds?
  6. Cool how is it there at GSSN and how far is that drive? anyone else in that group?
  7. how bout a Garrett Scorpion Gold Stinger Metal Detector?
  8. i probaby wont buy untill tax return time or later.....unless I have a good breeding season with my snakes,unless i sell a few of my breeders....i need at least 500-100 to get a decent detector for searching the deresrt.A lot of restricing laws here on deectingI might go there tomorrow on the way home......while christmas shopping.............anyone got a old detector that i can buy a gold bug or gmt?
  9. been researching more........so many laws to keep Md'ers to not detect .only surface in parks,cant remove anything over 100 years old,no ghosttowns,no national parks,almost everything here is a national park.........guess thats why everyone goes state lines......any suggestions?
  10. how about boulder city and herderson?
  11. I respect you opinion on meteorites.......but as for gold I will keep my hopes up http://www.kellycodetectors.com/Finds/garrett/garrett_b_ace250.htm but in the mean time do you have any other suggestions for another reasonably priced MD GMT and gold bug are what im hearing is the way to go for gold nuggets and meteorites..........any specific coil im going to go look on some websites thanks!
  12. well you scored two nice space rocks!!!!!!!!! I thought the third one mighta been G13 classified info LOL........JK
  13. Hey I know your gonna dog me but what do you guys think of the Garrett ace 250.. For a beginer ???? I heard mixed reviews but saw some good vies from crackbadger... Also with a bigger coil???? I can't afford much right now with the holidays and all
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