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  1. I am a casual collector, so it appears not much of an impact on me (I do not sell - at least not commericially). One item of interest is that you will be able to review permits of any commercial collector that gets a permit on BLM regulated land. As for the concept of this having no basis in law or regulation, that could be argued by 50 attorneys and 25 would take each side. That is a hard one to fight. Courts have ruled that federal agencies have very wide latitude to interpret implementation of existing laws and regulations that they write. I am not trying to get into a philosophical debate on this, just pointing out that fact. The Federal Register and public participation are only really required under the Constitution when they are adopting a new enforceable requirement or a regulatory or statutory required notice (it is more policy by OMB to publish other stuff in the Federal Register). Enforceable would mean that they could take your property if violated some new requirement or limit (property=money from you as a fine). However, banning you from further collecting on public lands for non-compliance would not be a taking since they are the land managers. I guess you could always pay for attorneys and go to federal court and fight it. Actually, I am a small business owner and I have to get licenses and permits all the time. I do not find it a problem that commercial meteorite hunters do the same. Just glad the left us "little guys" alone. Just my opinion.
  2. Frank, It was great meeting you and appreciate the time you took to show us around. I will hope to get back there. Going to Arkansas and Western Colo over the next 2 months. If you get a chance to send the picture you took, I would like a copy. Always good memories. Good hunting! Curt
  3. Made it to Phoenix! That was not a fun drive from Colorado. Even Flagstaff was snowy! Phoenix is nice (I do not mind some rain). Warm weather is a nice change. I have to teach a class Tuesday and Wednesday in Scottsdale off the 101. I will be leaving Wed afternoon (4:30 pm or so) and heading to Kingman. If the weather is good, I figure about 3 hours travel time. Thursday morning is Franconia probably. I have a few phone numbers and my email address was already posted. I know a couple people are interested, so if you want to connect up, a couple of us are staying at the America's Best Value Inn. I am driving a black Jeep Rubicon pulling a very small trailer. Curt
  4. Rick and Steve, et. al. I opted to get a hotel in Kingman. $34 per night at a hotel with decent ratings! I will get in the night of the 24th (Franconia on the 25th) and checkout the 28th (probably begin my trip back to Colorado that day). I thought about camping, but I decided I wanted to be able to leave stuff secure at a hotel while out detecting. Curt
  5. Hi everyone, I am getting things organized to go to Gold Basin on Feb 26-28. I hope everyone that penciled it in can make it. Should be great, dry weather! Do most of the people going camp out? I am just trying to figure out what to get ready. If I tent it there, I am going to need to get a few things before I leave. I figure someone has a preferred meeting place for the morning of the 26th? I plan on driving to Franconia the 25th (morning) and spend the day there. Probably stay in Kingman that night or may head on north into Gold Basin for the night. Snowing hard here today. Can't wait to leave for Phoenix on the 20th. My email is curtm at evcohs.com Sorry, but figured it was best to leave the @ sign out! Curt C'mon Saints.......
  6. What amazes me is that I have 3 GPS units (one hand-held and 2 in vehicles) and all three are Magellan! Unplanned. Just the way it worked out. Oh well....
  7. 26-28th Sounds great to me. If everyone gets there on the 26th, that will give me the 25th to look around Franconia. Thanks for getting this to happen, azdigger. Curt
  8. I know others may be looking at their calendars and thinking that "Yea, that is a perfect time to go but I am not sure if I can get away". The skies are blue, the nights cool, the days warm and meteorites just laying there waiting for the Early Spring Run. As I indicated in an earlier post, I have to get out of the snow. My wife keeps watching "The Shining" over and over. Not sure what that means. For me Feb 25-27 are locked in (have business in Scottsdale 23-24). It would be great to get people there for an outing. I would really enjoy meeting everyone.
  9. I will be heading up there Feb 25-27. If anyone else is planning to, it would be great to hook up. Curt
  10. I grew up in Oklahoma and one of the few things I was always told by me grandfather (he was a rancher) was to wear snake gaiters when out tromping around rattlesnakes. Some of those snakes on his ranch were big! He called them the equalizer (bring any person to their knees no matter tough the person was). They do not always rattle before they strike if you are walking up on them or they are a little slow (due to coolness). We always had a hard time finding snake gaiters that are comfortable, but I settled on Turtleskin snake gaiters for metal detecting. They are more costly than the regular ones but much more comfortable. I got them for like $109 from www.uplanders.com They were the cheapest place I could find. I tend not to go into rattlesnake country metal detecting without them on. Never heard about anyone relying on jeans to stop a strike, but I guess if they are loose and not near your leg, you would have a chance. I also look under my jeep after metal detecting when it is hot before getting in. I have had a rattlesnake curled up in the shade several times. Of course, I have also talked to people that spent many years metal detecting in the desert and the south and have never run across a snake.
  11. Didn't respond earlier since I wanted to wait until you were close. Congratulations. I has to be but a matter of days. I hope the move to AZ goes smoothly. We hope to be down there for at least Jan-March next year. Curt
  12. I passed the Fat test!!! Just barely. I flunked the old age test (I thought I looked 53...). I did not take the butt-ugly test. My wife tells me I am pretty good looking. Now that I think about it, the last time she told me that was before she has Lasik on her eyes. Just a minute, I will go ask her now............................. Oh well......
  13. I 4 Wheel a lot in Colorado in the mountains. Since I cannot afford a satellite phone (which is the optimal choice), I have a Cobra CB. I bought it at a CB shop. They "tuned" it so it has a much higher transmit wattage than the stock CB. Cost me an extra $30. I used a SWF meter when I installed the antenna to optimize the system. Works great. Transmits far enough for me in an emergency or to locate friends. Less legal, but items you can obtain (talk to truck drivers or good CB shops), is a booster or modulator for a CB radio. Ever wonder how some of the truckers can transmit so far? Anyway, I just settled on what worked for me (a lot of 4 wheelers use CBs in Colorado). Curt
  14. JayRay, Reminds me of when my kids enjoyed getting out. Now they are 20 and 21 and very busy. Being an empty nester is good, but sure miss the smiles on their faces and them taking time to go with me rather then with their friends. Oh well, I remember........ Looks like you started 2010 great. I am a little jealous. Have not been down there yet, but will be going. I am just looking out the window at the snow. Man, I hate snow. I have to figure out how to do the snowbird thing. I told my wife that next year we are in Arizona. My business is pretty portable. Curt Oh, and yes, I had noted the GPS readings. I was hoping they would go along with my others and not be in the middle of Las Vegas or something! Thanks
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