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  1. What amazes me is that I have 3 GPS units (one hand-held and 2 in vehicles) and all three are Magellan! Unplanned. Just the way it worked out. Oh well....
  2. Didn't respond earlier since I wanted to wait until you were close. Congratulations. I has to be but a matter of days. I hope the move to AZ goes smoothly. We hope to be down there for at least Jan-March next year. Curt
  3. I passed the Fat test!!! Just barely. I flunked the old age test (I thought I looked 53...). I did not take the butt-ugly test. My wife tells me I am pretty good looking. Now that I think about it, the last time she told me that was before she has Lasik on her eyes. Just a minute, I will go ask her now............................. Oh well......
  4. I 4 Wheel a lot in Colorado in the mountains. Since I cannot afford a satellite phone (which is the optimal choice), I have a Cobra CB. I bought it at a CB shop. They "tuned" it so it has a much higher transmit wattage than the stock CB. Cost me an extra $30. I used a SWF meter when I installed the antenna to optimize the system. Works great. Transmits far enough for me in an emergency or to locate friends. Less legal, but items you can obtain (talk to truck drivers or good CB shops), is a booster or modulator for a CB radio. Ever wonder how some of the truckers can transmit so far? Anyway, I just settled on what worked for me (a lot of 4 wheelers use CBs in Colorado). Curt
  5. Reno Chris (or anyone else), I was thinking about picking up a GMT. Cannot afford a Minelab and where I metal detect, there are only a few occassions to have a high freq machine. What is your opinion of the GMT (versus other similarly priced detectors)? I am very much a novice with AZ gold hunting. I have done some hear Leadville, CO and Blackhawk, CO with my Whites DFX. Anyway, any feedback is welcomed. I learned something reading about trying to target based upon locating black sand with a detector. Curt
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