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  1. I was curious if the 1oz per ton include the "MUCK"? Or is that one oz per ton of gold bearing rock? It makes a HUGE difference by the way :-)
  2. Curious who the Water Board uses to enforce their rules???? CDFG? Local Sheriff? Federal? I think I would have to water board the water board if they tried to tell me what to do on my claim :-)
  3. The Gold Nugget in Vegas got one of these :-) http://travel.usatoday.com/destinations/dispatches/post/2011/01/las-vegas-atm-dispenses-gold/138002/1 Sure easier than panning I guess Tee Hee!!!
  4. We used these devices to pump out the mud/sand of the jack legs to below the sea bottom 30' below sea floor prior to blowing with C4. Working depth was 110 feet. I want to bring one up to Nome and see how much color is down around the 60 - 80 foot mark. It should be virgin unless the bucket line dredges worked that deep. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airlift_%28dredging_device%29
  5. Not stopping this Miner I will still go Dredging I have the Federal Mining Laws and a Jury of my peers to back me up :-)
  6. You did good and got them half off!!!!! http://www.ascscientific.com/sieves.html
  7. $1000 fine and six months in jail if convicted I have heard that there are allot of folks still going and I will be one of them very soon :-)
  8. Seachange????? Lets hope this momentum carries us through our next battle!!! :whoope: :whoope: :whoope: :whoope: :whoope: :whoope:
  9. That is STUNNING!!!! Thanks for sharing that picture
  10. Garimpo, Go to www.hulu.com and type in Gold Rush Alaska should be able to watch them there. Cheers, NCFF
  11. John you talking about dividing rods??? Those really work?
  12. My thoughts on California banning dredging during a spike in the gold price :-(
  13. I had an idea last night of making a mini bucket line dredge that would be towed behind a ATV. The material would run dry into a grizzly then through a blower to float off the light stuff. Have any of you heard of suck a cool contraption...I can picture it in my mind.
  14. I wonder if that method would be legal in California if it is at lest 1000 feet away from the stream....hmmmmm Might have to test that this summer if we loose in Federal Court although I think we will win hands down.
  15. Thanks for sharing!!! I sure hope the judge is on our side. I think that judge was appointed by George Bush I don't know if that helps us though but it couldn't hurt. Boy if I could go back up to my claim this summer and dredge for more than two days without being kicked off I swear I will be the happiest man in Texas LOL Do you guys think if we win will not have to pay the $185 dollars out of state permit to dredge on my federal mining claim? Cheers Y'all! I am goin dredging in Llano, TX @longs fish and digs this weekend I have to pay $20 bucks per day to dredge on private land but at least
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