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    Being a great husband, buying land and building a house, maybe exporting cafe, Dredging of course, learning more about hard-rock mining.

About Me

27 year old Male, 3 year miner.  Firmly located in Honduras. Born in Saint Joseph, Missouri.

After the 2008 housing bubble busting, studied gold, sold my paint company, a couple cars, truck, and tools, left the house to the bank, donated the rest, bought a Spanish/English pocket dictionary, USED 4'' Keene 3 stage (that was in Iowa), books, equipment, Built a small enclosed trailer two wheeled,  packed it and my 91 Honda Hatchback then HIT THE ROAD WITH NO LOOKING BACK!!!!

Had lots of bumps in the road down here.

I know what it is like to live for months on end without money while relying on people who you cant communicate with for the language barrier and who were kind enough to allow helping around the farm for food.

From nearly killed by an assassin who has since then been murdered by other Hondurans to physically, mentally, verbally and socially attacked by my former local American Partner.  Road two bulls and one gave me four broken ribs from the rear hoof impacting my chest. Traveled all over Central America in Bus, boat and motorcycle while renewing 90 day tourist Visas. Found a great Woman in 2009, got married to her in 2011.  Paid for with gold.

Learned Spanish very fluently, can even read and right but still learning as always.

Just sold my 4'' and am building a 6''. Got many places to put it and am doing great!!

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