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  1. Hey, Jim and Hoser and old mining pros. Do any of you remember "Gypsy" John Bryant, the man in black, from Washington, CA? I knew him quite well. He hit it big detecting a HUGE NUGGET at King Tut diggins in N. AZ many years back. I saw a picture of it, and it was at least two feet wide! He bought S. Yuba riverfront in Washington, CA and set up a nice spread with the $$$. Last I heard, he went to Washington, and split up with his wife and three girls. Had claims up in Poormans Creek, just for family members to work. In his 70's now. Anyone remember "Flatnose" Bob, from the Yuba River country? He wandered around, and just camped out year round, and many thought he was just a mining bum. But, he did get some real nice gold! A legend in these parts! Sadly, he died a few years ago. Was camped out near Pike, CA. Bud just brought over a 1 1/4 oz. PURE nugget he just got! OMG! Already has buyers for $ 3200, as is!
  2. Hi Ya, fellow gold hounds!

    I livc up here in Grass Valley, California, in the gold belt of the Sierras. I'm 64 years old, and first started gold prospecting back in '82, in Santa Cruz, Ca. I moved up here to Grass Valley in 1989, and love to be out on the rivers, creeks and forests. I have developed an easier way to get gold, because a chronic bad back made it neccesary.

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