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  1. This is a case of bucket mania gone wild! Now, just get out your rifle and shoot them for target practice, before someone else does!
  2. Hoser is right! As always. The thing is, an enormous flood may have washed flood gold back again, to replenish the river with fine gold. And bank cave ins and erosion can bring new gold into a river again. Test the moss first, as it catches recent flood gold. Then sluice, if it looks good. I refer to the N. Yuba River, when I say this. Each river is different. Don't go poking in those stacked tailing piles! They are absolutely LOADED with rattlers! The N. Yuba peaked at 8000 cfs. in late April, and is down to 800 cfs now, and dropping at Goodyears Bar. NOW is the time to go into the river... its like early July levels now! Be sure to have written permission where you are going, as they may tow your car away if you dont!
  3. I'm with jasonG. Luv my Le Trap! I know that I get more gold with it, and faster, than a round pan! And it does get the finest of gold too. It is so much easier on a bad back! I float it, and rock it with one hand, and the other hand free to hold a beer. And you get a strait line of gold, with almost NO BLACK SAND, and just suck up the clean gold in my snifter! I have shown others how well it works, and now they use it, and are happy! It was designed for fine gold areas by a Canadian. And it fits neatly in my back pack, and I can pack other stuff around it, or you can strap it to your belt with a cord. The other thing is, you dont have to clasify material first. Altho that is always a good idea.
  4. Anyone ever work a batea? Looks sorta like an inverted Chinese Coolie Cap. I have heard they are very efficient.. Like to hear about your experience. Garimpo?
  5. This is a great video! It proves that time and Mother Nature heal all scars! It would only help our cause to post this on environmental forums! And mention that us small scale prospecters are not in any way causing damage!
  6. A simple black sand detector is get one of those magnets on a pole that hardware stores sell. Now, put a baggie over the magnet and run it over the stream bed. Or,get a big magnet, cover ir with the baggie, and tie it onto some nylon cord & drag it over land, or the stream bed. I also use it for pulling nails and sharp metal objects out of my driveway. It works!
  7. Hey, Jim and Hoser and old mining pros. Do any of you remember "Gypsy" John Bryant, the man in black, from Washington, CA? I knew him quite well. He hit it big detecting a HUGE NUGGET at King Tut diggins in N. AZ many years back. I saw a picture of it, and it was at least two feet wide! He bought S. Yuba riverfront in Washington, CA and set up a nice spread with the $$$. Last I heard, he went to Washington, and split up with his wife and three girls. Had claims up in Poormans Creek, just for family members to work. In his 70's now. Anyone remember "Flatnose" Bob, from the Yuba River country? He wandered around, and just camped out year round, and many thought he was just a mining bum. But, he did get some real nice gold! A legend in these parts! Sadly, he died a few years ago. Was camped out near Pike, CA. Bud just brought over a 1 1/4 oz. PURE nugget he just got! OMG! Already has buyers for $ 3200, as is!
  8. Here in the Sierra foothills in Grass Valley-Nevada City we refer to those types of folks as "flatlanders", not liberals. They buy land up here, build a mansion, and fence off everything, and bring in horses, and goats. And drain the creeks, and wells, and set up a boutique store, or restaurant in town, to suck in the touristas. They came fron Ellay and the Bay area, and bought in when real estate was cheaper. They are "NIMBYS", not in my backyard types. Oppose any mining, timbering, ranching, yet may own a pot farm for med-mj. They seem to want to tell their neighbors what to do, and frequently have disputes over land useage, and will sick their lawyer and surveyor on you. The original folks up here are Western types, decent folks who "live and let live", and mind their own business!
  9. Consider this: My buddy runs ribbed 4" or 6" hose thru a dam, and often times does not even set up a sluice! At the end of a run, he lifts the hose out and washes the dirt into a bucket and pans it out. Most all the gold will get trapped in the hose...so no sluice needed! Now you can call it whatever you want, but he calls it a "push sluice", being as the water is pushing thru the hose, hehehehe! When you run into a "stepping stone" creek, meaning little ponds with water falls, one after another, that is perfect to set up your hose, and take advantage of the verticle drop, and work you way downstream, one pond after another. Just test out what you may or may not be losing out the bottom end of the hose, to determine if you need to have a box set up or not. You may need to anchor the hose thru boulder dams, and cover the boulders with visqueen, to get the pond to fill up higher. And remove all rocks that are too big to suck thru the hose, and expose the bedrock of the pond of course. Over the years he has done real well with this, and never draws heat from anyone....real quiet operation. And take the dam down afterwards and leave things natural looking.
  10. Oh! One thing I should mention! Do NOT use your Vac Pac if you see enviro type people around! They HATE the noise, and may cause trouble for you! You know the types: They have big mops of fuzzy hair, wear horn rimmed glasses, have binos for bird watching, stare at the sun a lot, wear loin clothes and Jesus sandals, and often are seen fornicating with trees! Carefull, they often camoflage themselves as bushes and scream at the sight of gold miners!
  11. I used to know a little Indian guy in his late 50's and he was homeless, and had had emphysema. He would go out with his Vac-Pac most days just for a few hours, and always came back with 3 dwt of gold...or more! He would work the cracks above water, and run the dirt thru his sluice and get the gold. One day, he dug up an 8 dwt. beautiful nugget within 1/2 hour! I know, I was there. One of the tricks he did was, he would pack wet clay into a crack that was mostly dug out, come back after the clay had dried and suck it up. That really got about all the gold deep in the crack out. What bothered me, was that he would never get wet, and work the cracks continuing underwater, and his buddy was too lazy to get wet also! If he had followed the cracks underwater and sniped them with a stick he would have gotten a LOT more gold! So go vac up those dry cracks, and be sure to snipe the wet cracks too!
  12. I had bear spray(at $ 45 per can), gave it to my mining buddy who encounters bears. The bear ate him anyway! I had a .38 pistol, but sold it cause I needed $$. Then I got mugged, and the money stolen! QUESTION: What would wasp spray do to a bear? I think it could really pizz him off! How about a rattler? I dont think there is any better protection than a heater!
  13. It sounds like Rutan wants to be another McCracken, "New 49'ers". This is NOT what we need as small independent prospectors. The Enviros & Bureaucrats will just use this as a new rallying cry to IMPOSE, DESTROY, and DEMONIZE placer miners and the 1872 Mining Act! When you stick your head above the crowd like Rutan, it can get shot off! Just the phrase: "Real Estate Developer", puts Rutan in their gun sights. 25 miles of remote river being dredged is a real RED FLAG to enviros. And fighting the county, he will not win. Now politicians will jump on this, and propose strict actions against ALL placer miners, Oregon and elsewhere! We need to get our gold silently, stay under the radar for now, and try to organize around PLP, and form a huge interest group involving all outdoor users to lobby for our interests! "If you wan't to know the intent, just look at the results"
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