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  1. Bflyr2

    Good and Best GPS units to use?

    I agree on Garmin. If you can the 60csx is the best but the Vista Csx is as good but smaller screen. If you don't need the compass that works while standing still the Vista Cs is great. What I mean is that all of them have a compass that works while you are walking and moving but you pay more to have the compass work without moving. Have tested and teach people how to use GPS units and can do just fine with the smaller units. Get color if you can and if you plan to do alot with it get a model that has the extra memory card. If you just go for a weekend or hunting trip the standard will do. Have flown many small aircraft cross country with a Vista. Retired and travel full time with 10000 mi's on my ATV in 3 years and am working to make trail trips and other ideas and find Garmin has all types of options in maps. trails, fishing, highways and all types of mounting gear for them. They will help you on any problem. Stay away from units like the colorado, oregon that works off the sceen. Have friend that works in GPS at Garmin. He explained why not to get these. Can't go into details but you will be better off with the buttons. Get Topo maps for the computer. You won't go wrong. Good luck.
  2. Bflyr2

    Bushnell GPS....

    Guys I have had about 8 GPS units and flew aircraft with many thousands of dollars worth of GPS equipment. Helped people with thier GPS units from other companies and have found for the buck spent and the maps and acc. they offer the 60csx and Vistacsx units from Garmin are the best. Easy to operate and they take the abuse. Stay away from the units that operate with the touch screen. Good luck
  3. Bflyr2

    Prospecting Buddy (ies) Wanted

    Hi Jason, wish I was up there but am in Quartzsite Az but there is a great web site for Nevada that should be of great help. Navada nugget hunters.com. Great web site. Good luck Bill