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  1. A second hand 3000 and a small coil like a 14 elip is what you need. Just as deep and sensitive as the GPX's it's just that it doesn't have the modes for searching in noisier ground. Here in oz, that makes a difference, but if you can't afford a 4500 then get what you can afford. I can tell you, a 3000 with a 14" elip coiltek mono goes very deep even on .grammers. It's the porous nuggets they struggle on and anything less than .05 grams (with the 8"), although I'm not sure how good the 6" is. 10" elip dd in mono should be even more sens theoretically.
  2. Cheers, it will be interesting to see/hear how a concentric coil will perform for a GMT. I will keep an eye out for a shooter version of one especially. I had read they made one like that.
  3. How many coils are there for the GMT? I haven't heard of any mono coils being available, they must be old. Will the older goldmaster coils work on the GMT?
  4. Sorry, that was a typo! I meant to say .15 grammer!! I tried different settings. So far I have found there are only three settings that matter on the vsat, that's all the way down, position 7 and full. Pos 7 seems to be the best in most areas.
  5. Well,I took both coils out and tested a 1.5 grammer by slightly burying it. This nugget was found just about on top of the surface with a 3000 at a different area. Here, there is some interference and the I think this is why the GMT didn't do too well with the test - neither coil picked up the test nugget well, about 1 inch off the ground, but the standard 10" did better than the shooter, it was also quieter. My other detectors struggle at this area as well, I think the interference (and mineralisation) are problematic, even when the detector is running quietly. As for the mineral reading on the right of the screen, all I can say is "interesting". It is much easier to just search for nuggets rather than carry around a pan and enough water and whatever else, along with a detector. I don't know how some of you guy do it! I have found the iron readout/grunt to be completely useless, even in quiet ground! Although, I haven't used it that much and am yet to take it to some proper gold fields.
  6. Thanks for the advice, Larry's book is at the top of my list. It is interesting that you mentioned to groundbalance next to the wash, as groundbalancing doesn't seem to affect the numbers on the right hand side of the screen (maybe it does, but I haven't found this to be the case so far), it does of course affect the reading on the left.
  7. Hello to all, I noticed that there are a number of GMT users here so I thought I'd post here. When you're searching for black sand deposits (the quantities of mineralisation readout), does it make a diference what coil you use? It seems that the smaller coil will give slightly different readouts over the same ground. It is also recommended that you have to pump the coil up and down to use that feature, but this is inpractical as you'll not be covering a lot of ground. At my local goldfields today, I was struggling with this a bit, and it is an area where fine gold has been found.
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