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  1. It was harvested in the phoenix area... north near the deem hills. I found it a few years ago and set it aside because it was different.
  2. Yeah... I figured as much.... Thanks guys I always appreciate your help!
  3. Hey all... I was reading the thread " Saffordite Searching? " which had a link to Moldavite. I thought I might have a piece because its looks simular ( at least to me ) Can anyone identify this rock? I appreciate your time.
  4. Thanks uncle Ron! I wasn't sure to to get Google maps to read those coords.... we got er tho!
  5. Can someone please share the coords for Amethyst Hill east of Wickenburg? Ive scoured the net and cant find anything. Thanks in advance
  6. Rescued from the dirt today near lake pleasant AZ
  7. I grabbed this little guy in the Deem hills area in Northwest Phoenix. The picture is dramatically enlarged to show detail. The cluster is about 1 1/4 inches wide.
  8. I have always just brought a rock hammer and a small garden spade. The crystals I have found were on the surface. I once found a thumb-sized specimen on the surface and used the rock hammer to scratch the ground at that location and brought quite a few samples up from about 6 inches down. I wouldnt know where to dig randomly but there are alot of holes where other people did. Bring water. Good luck!
  9. It seemed really out of place compared to the area around it. Gonna definetly go back and look for more.
  10. While stomping around one of my usual locations today in North Phoenix, I found this arrowhead. Ive never found an artifact before. Any thoughts?
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