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  1. Again thanks for all the info. Just joined the GPAA tonight and already a member of the Desert Gold Diggers. Hit me up if your in the Tucson area.... Good luck Ed (Tucpinz)
  2. Thanks for all the reply's as with anything education is the key to success. Like I said I recently found out how to determine ownership and have been using that to my advantage and have also increased my potential areas. Having looked around on the net and I found little info reguarding this matter but most people just post "stay off unmarked claims" . Well maybe this post will help others out. For beginners: The LR2000 system is a good starting point. Also use your online county assessors for ownership info. Again thanks for the info. Tucpinz
  3. Hey everyone, I'm new here and to the word of nugget shooting. I have been prospecting for some time but always wondered about the laws here in AZ. I have over time worked areas that I just found out are and have been claimed but unmarked. Knowing now how to determine ownership at home on the computer I was wondering what others do when driving though an area and just want to jump out and detect. If an area is unmarked is it acceptable to test the area out if you know its not privately owned property? Thanks Tucpinz Also Looking for a detecting partner in Tucson. PM me
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