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  1. Tactical assault staple gun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrJRSf55zsE
  2. This was recently caught on a dash cam in russia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaBGk9ZW-GA
  3. Seeins as how I've got all this 40 brass (6-7 thousand cases) I thought it appropriate to get me something to shoot them in when I get them loaded. I opted for the S&W M&P Pro Series CORE 40 S&W along with the Blackhawk Serpa Concealment Sporter Holster. Really like it as it shoots like a dream. Now if I could just find enough pistol powder to get a couple thousand cases loaded. I liked it so much that I ordered the same pistol in 9mm and 5" barrel which I will use for comp shooting and steel plates. Looking at getting a Vortex Razor Red Dot for the 9 which will aid in rapid target acquisition when shooting steel plates.
  4. Going to have to look into one of these http://i.imgur.com/KxCu758.gif
  5. This photographer goes head to head with a young bull elk http://m.koreus.com/video/wapiti-vs-photographe.html
  6. they found the coins a year ago and just now revealing the find
  7. Couple finds gold on their property http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/northern-california-couple-find-10m-worth-rare-gold-coins-buried-propery-article-1.1701467
  8. For some time now I haven't been able to cut and past, any fixes??
  9. Can't go wrong with the Mohawk, I had one in a 6mm and it was my truck gun, real tack drivers also.
  10. I've done good at older churches. One thing to look for before detecting is if the church is listed on the National Historic Register, even some old homes can be on the list and there is usually a sign stating so
  11. A while back I bought a Rem 870 12ga. It came with a bunch of shells so I thought to find a clay thrower at the flea market and bought a box of clays at wally world and had some fun shooting. The gun had some mild rust on it so with some 000 steel wool I began taking it off with WD40. It worked ok but also took the bluing off. Looked around at having it refinished and decided to go with a camo finish. So after watching a number of videos on the tube I decided on doing it with the rattle can. Everybody said the Krylon camo paint was a little better than Rustoleum camo but could not find any krylon camo paint anywhere so I went with the other. After taking the shotgun apart I had to clean and prep it and I did it with Acetone. Everyone said to do the dark color first then the light and the medium color last. For the design I used a couple pieces of a bush from out back. Well 1st time with the rattle can camo paint this is what I have.
  12. Good time, plenty of sunshine, and lots of food. The 20+ pounds of brisket Bill cooked didn't last long. Some gold was found and others showed their gold found in the past. I didn't detect just stayed in camp and visited with old friends. Good to see you all again. Last Head count I did showed 65 people 11 dogs and 2 cats all well mannered. thanks to everyone it was awesome
  13. Hey Bob You ever go to www.thehighroad.org It is probably the #1 site on the net. all kinds of info.
  14. Not at this time but was thinking about getting one to complement my Savage 93R 17HMR. Great little cartridge for small varmints.
  15. You didn't say if you had a 6" coil for the bug 2 or maybe I missed it. Anyway if you don't you should get one. I hunt with the 5000 and bug 2 & I would say that 80% of my gold has been found with the bug 2 and 6" coil
  16. What a ride. New Years day me my wife and 3 other couples went for a ride in the mtns of Az. We off loaded on a pull out at Lake Pleasant and took off. The guy leading us knows the area very well and kept us off the main trails, at times I don't think there was a trail as it was a grueling climb. I bottomed out pretty hard a few times and went over some sharp areas where it was 4' and thru some awful prickly brush, but there was a trail of sorts. We ended up climbing over 6000' and was into snow for a bit and then made our way down into Crown King (old mining town) the back way for a bite of lunch and then headed down a jeep trail where we met about 35 4-wheeler jeeps trucks etc. on the way up one boulder at a time. In all we traveled 74 miles in just under 8 hours. It was a good ride cool in the morning when we took off and warmed up to high 60's We were bit tired and dirty but fun. The picture is of the group after we made it to the bottom for a break. Talking about a over night cross country trip to Quartzite which is over 100 miles one way. E& HAGD
  17. does it take the old tarnish and stains off? or just make them shine.
  18. What have you found to clean up your cases to make them look new, that means taking ALL the stains and tarnish off them. Corn cob and walnut make them shine but does not remove the tarnish. Lyman turbo sonic cleaner I found to be a waste of time. anyone tried the Hornady One Shot case cleaning solution?? I have heard it will make them look factory fresh. thanbks
  19. Not sure yet, maybe a military looking thing. my last one has about $1000.00 into it. Have 3 of them right now, folding stock, sporter model and the custom build.
  20. L:ooking for a Ruger 10-22 receiver or old non working 10-22, broken stock bent barrel etc cheap
  21. Super nice find, thanks for sharing. nothing better than white quartz, now if you could find some more of that yellow stuff I'm sure you would have some more nice quartz pieces.
  22. Gold is gold no mater how much junk one digs, nice find.
  23. Meltdown tonight on National Geographic 10pm eastern 8pm mountain Ch 186 on dish network guys looking for gold in any form
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