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  1. PM me with your address and I will get this to you Allen
  2. I have for years been cleaning shell cases with corn cob or walnut shell which get them shiny but doesn't get the staining off and never turned out bright brass, just shiny. I have even tried some of the solutions in the heated ultra sonic. Then while surfing the net I came across a new form of case cleaning that as they say is the cats meow. Stainless steel tumbling. Found a company in Utah called STM or Stainless Tumbling Media that sell a whole kit with a tumbler called the Rebel 17. http://www.stainlesstumblingmedia.com/ I bought it and have done over a thousand different cases in the last 4 days. I de-prime all cases first as this allows the primer holes to be shiny clean, even the inside of the cases are spotless clear down to the flash hole. It is a water base with 2 TBS of dawn detergent and 1/4 tsp of Lemi Shine and 5 lbs of stainless tumbling media (pins). I tumble for 3 hours and then do a double rinse and dry. I use a media separator to separate the pins from the cases. Talk about a cleaning machine, this is it. I thought that the tumbling would wear the cases thin, but you will shoot out your cases before any wear down from tumbling. Here is a before and after of some 44 rem mags I just finished. enjoy
  3. I have a couple of extras, which edition ones are you looking for. I go by the editions but will look to see if they are 93 John: I just found 1993 copy and it has the story of the Shasta Miners and Prospectors Assoc and Rusty testing the Diablo II. Is this the copy you are looking for? Allen in MT
  4. They keep 2 of each printing on file for their use thanks
  5. If it's something you are going to get rid of I would take the MDI's to complete my collection or pay for them and postage. thanks
  6. 327 facts you need to know http://amaizingpicturesintheworld.blogspot.com/2013/01/interesting-factsfor-your-warehouse-of.html
  7. Tesoro Metal Detectors prints a info booklet Metal Detector Information (MDI). they have printed them for many years and I am looking for Edition 15 and 19. If you have a copy of one or both and can let go of them let me know. thanks Allen in MT
  8. Yes I still have it, after the story came out a couple of museums called and wanted it and I declined as I plan on someday donating it to Glacier Park for their museum. It is still a good conservation piece in my store. When I found it I was able to locate the party that built the house in 58 and all of the owners since then and no one can remember anybody working for a restaurant in the park. We live 80 miles south of the park and I often wonder just how it ended up in this yard. The attachment pin was with it when found but I broke it off but still have it. I gave Glacier Park color pictures of it and a copy to a writer that is doing a book about National Park badges. Park personnel thought it had to have been back in early 30's when park was first being developed.
  9. Was thumbing thru the web and ran across an old story that was written about me and my metal detecting hobby, have to scroll down to the story and to this date I have the only known waitress badge from Glacier National Park in existence and it has been authenticated. http://www.leaderadvertiser.com/article_d7fdab69-d53e-5d06-8119-0b246802ec7d.html
  10. This weekend is the NW Montana outing on Libby creek, and there is a public panning area on the creek. This is 10 miles east of Libby
  11. What do you remember about the 50's. The song alone is worth the listen. http://biggeekdad.com/2014/05/fabulous-fifties/#at_pco=smlrebh-1.0&at_si=53bf7cc48fde0d70&at_ab=per-12&at_pos=1&at_tot=7
  12. Just been to darn busy to get out looking for gold. Well over the 4th we went to the cabin (1st time this year) and I took the 5000 and GB2 and work over an area that has produced in the past. I have always come away with no less than 4 pickers from this area. I got onto this spot about the middle of summer 2012, and have posted about the finds I did a lot of racking and dirt moving from the top to the bottom and then would detect from the bottom up. Not a single bite, I even went at 90 degree to previous search with GB2 and then with 5000. Went back to exposing the crack that turned into a BIG crack or crevice (whichever) you want to call it. I figured with the gold I found on top of the rock and around it that there must be more down deeper in the hole Well it ended up being a dead hole. Took me about 3 hours in the 55 degree heat to move all that dirt. Figured it was enough digging and time for a ride to see the sight as the Bear Grass was the best I've ever seen Another old cabin that is falling in and this one was still used in the early 50's even went back and took another picture of this old ore dump and while wondering thru the trees came across what was left of old miners cabin that may have had a mine shaft right at the wall of cabin because it had caved in and about 25' deep. and yes that little white spot in the bottom of the hole is snow. Tried finding another spot to dig but came up empty handed detecting wise. My wife kept the 40 S&W close by and I had the Ruger 30 carbine pistol as there had been a number of sighting of a Grizzly in the area. Probably should have taken the 12 ga with some slugs and 00 buck All in all it was a good weekend, no gold but a fun time in the side by side. and it looks like might be a good huckleberry season this year. eahagd
  13. Every year a bunch of guys get together for a shoot, you are allowed tripods and bags, no mechanical supports. A bunch of 10" balloons stapled to boards and set at 100, 200, 300, 400, & 500 yards. All shots start from left to right, if you break a balloon other that what you were suppose to shoot you get deducted 1 shot. You are allowed 1 shot at each yardage total 5 shots. No practice shot or sight in, Be ready to shoot when you arrive. Each shooter pays $20.00. 100% payback 50,30,20 split. Ties are shot at different set of balloons at unknown yardage. Everyone shoots from same position, a large bale of hay, No scope limitations. Calibers up to 6.5, nothing larger. Weather was cloudy with a few showers and wind which made the balloons all over the place. No I didn't get a split, but it was a lot of fun. E&HAGD
  14. I posted the question after their video asking what they are shooting, no response yet.
  15. The following is rated G for Graffic. It is intended for Mature Varmint Hunters, not the squeamish. One of the better PD shoot video's I've seen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCp5BwSKtUE I was over in Eastern Montana a month ago doing the same thing, had a blast good weather and dogs all around. Farmers want us to shoot as long and as many of these varmints as we can to help stop the destruction that they cause. On the way home I stopped in a gun store and found a good deal on a .223 Bushmaster V Match with 24" barrel 1-9 twist and just happened to find a box of M855 62 grain that shoots well in this gun. Another shooter to take on the next shoot or coyote patrol.
  16. Nice rig, who made the lower? I'm working on a Spikes Tactical Punisher and have the camo butt stock to go on, will post when it is done.
  17. Talking about guns on another gun forum and of course some have to show their guns, and a lot of nice guns and gun builds start posting to the forum and then this guy posts his rifles. but don't forget the revolvers oh yes forgot about these also
  18. Will be out at the cabin Monday but not looking for gold, will be mending the cabin. Had so much snow this year that it piled up on the roof and when it decided to let go it took the chimney and supports and tore them loose from the roof leaving a hole for the snow and rain to come in. I thought with an 8-12 pitch metal roof it would slide easy and not build up. Still some 4' to 5' drifts on top at 6400' level.
  19. http://moments.org/thank-you-for-your-service/
  20. On CBS this morning http://www.cbsnews.com/news/150-years-later-a-gold-rush-ship-yields-treasures/
  21. Use your mouse to navigate the cockpit, really neat http://www.nmusafvirtualtour.com/media/062/B-36J%20Engineer.html
  22. Do you know how to say Glock and Load. I see one for each of 3 bedroons, 1 for kitchen, 1 for dining room, 1 for living room and one for just because all strategicaly placed out of sight but right at your finger tip if needed Tell us more about your chatterbox? nice
  23. Me and a friend were talking guns n ammo today and I mentiond that I was looking for a Ruger 77-22 mag. I didn't want to buy a new one, just a good used one. He said he has this Ruger 10-22 mag he hadn't shot in many years., He thought he had fired it a couple of times about 10 years back. He asked if I wanted to shoot it but he didn't have any ammo or a scope on it. What he brought out was this pristine 10-22 mag like new (no box or papers) Told him I had an extra scope at the house so I mounted it and got a box of shells and we headed to the range. Got it on paper after about 10 rounds and fine tuned it at 25 yards.. What a hoot to shoot. From the SN this rifle was made 1999-2000. Not a problem with anything, . After shooting 50 rounds and packing up he says that he really doesn't shoot that much and never did shoot this rifle much since he got it. Maybe he should sell it. I accidently said I would take it as I had the cash in my pocket. Couldn't back out now I was committed. What was I thinking, I already have a 22 mag in a Magnum Research and a S&W mdl 48-4 w/ 8 3/8" barrel. Will change out the scope at a later time to something a little more appropriate. Maybe drop a KIDD trigger system in it witha 1 pound pull. Will make a great addition to the small varmint shooting arsenal, I mean collection, I mean will make a nice addition to the family sounds better. Hey dear, look what I found for you. e&hagd
  24. Got my new Smith in and went right to the range to see if it shoots like the others and I can't complain. It has a capacity of 17 rounds + one. A little video of my trip to the range https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SyV-F_pfk0
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