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  1. Seiko gold nugget watch nuggets also around bezel ruby eagle eyes. The part with eagle is tested 10 kt. The nuggets are from Montana. The band is a gold colored Spidel watch band. Runs good. $600.00
  2. A while back we got into an old mine dump that was loaded with visible gold in white quartz. This piece I found I call the Jack rabbit Racking the dump from bottom onto a couple of 4x8 sheets of ply wood and then detecting with GB2 and working to the top of the pile. Lots of this stuff was found. enjoy Allen
  3. Super nice find, thanks for sharing. nothing better than white quartz, now if you could find some more of that yellow stuff I'm sure you would have some more nice quartz pieces.
  4. Joined in 1967, RA#, basic in Ft. Lewis, advanced in Ft. Gordon, Vietnam Jan 68. Co. D, 1/20th, 11th LIB, Americal Div. Wounded May 31 1968, sent to field hospital in DaNang and then onto the hospital ship USS Sancturary, seems like only yesterday, then back to Ft Riley. Discharged in 70 Welcome home all vets reguardless of where you served Allen in MT
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