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  1. Seiko gold nugget watch nuggets also around bezel ruby eagle eyes. The part with eagle is tested 10 kt. The nuggets are from Montana. The band is a gold colored Spidel watch band. Runs good. $600.00
  2. So is there any value in a stock ML 3000, do they even repair them
  3. Zip Zip the advanced course on e-bay http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/252711653466?
  4. I have a 2016 onxmaps card for the state of AZ. It is a hunt premium state specific GPS map for use on Garmin =GPS & PC/MC. Used it Jan-Feb this year when in AZ Shows all boundary's of private and public lands as well as ownership and hunting district boundary's. Paid 99.99 sell for $60.00 to you. http://www.huntinggpsmaps.com/?gclid=CNK3mMDjns4CFURlfgodBYAMng
  5. Sp what is a decent shape GP 3000 going for these days?? base unit Does Minelab still service the 3000. thanks
  6. Parker Schnabel's grandpa John Schnabel 96 passed away today March 18. The show Alaska gold won't be the same without him.
  7. My biggest nugget with GB2 was 5.56 oz. found in the tailing piles in Idaho. The nugget Steve found was laying right on top of the ground and could be seen. Maybe others thought it was a big bolt or flat can as there was lots of those out there. I remember he was all smiles as anybody would be after finding that.
  8. Finally was able to get up to the cabin for a couple days of 4-wheeling and some beeping. Looked around the draw for a new dig spot as the old digs seems to have petered out. Got the ML5000 out to give a go and woooeeep coil overload, even in the air, changed coils and same thing, the detector would shut down. Crap!! put it away and got out the GB2 with 6" coil and found a different out cropping of bed rock. Did a little scrape and in the 1st 5 min got a little beeper, picker, ant fart, as it was tiny. More scraping and another one. Was nice and breezy in the draw and the little dink's kept appearing. Was a fun couple of hours and this little spot produced 14 in all for a total weight of 1.2 grams. Going to have to work all the way around the rock out cropping to see what else it will produce and also try and go down hill a little more.
  9. This picture shows what is engraved on quarter sized gold round. Top O Deep is one one side with prospector on the other 24k gold. and they weigh about .41 ozt. Nobody else has any of these. These were a special order for the Mine. So in the future as you cruise thru the net or every see one in a shop, would appreciated a heads up. Pass it around if you wish. thanks Allen
  10. Here is an image of one that will be the tell tale piece This pic represents what was engraved on both sides of a special round that was made from gold from the Top O Deep mine. There were 10 of these taken and nobody else has one except the thief. These were about the size of a quarter and weighed about .41 ozt each So as you guys surfe the net and look at gold pictures if you ever see one of these would appreciate a heads up. No telling where one might show up unless everything was melted down. The other is in the shape of Montana. thanks Allen
  11. Thanks for your thoughts guys. The majority of what was stolen belonged to my partner. We have been doing these shows up here in the northwest for about 15 years. The thought of going straight to the motel room and having someone barge in possible with guns, one never knows how something like that could have playes out. I think it was well planned out possibly starting from last years show, I think who ever did it did it with a slim jim and buggered the lock in getting the door open. the cops are looking at nearby businesses to see about cameras. All kinds of thoughts run thru your mind when something like this happens. The main thing is no one got hurt. We were booked for two more shows but that is now out. thanks again for your thoughts. Allen
  12. My partner & I were doing our annual Gold Show in Coeur d'Aene idaho this weekend. When it come quiting time Sat night he alway pack up the gold nuggets and gold nugget jewelry and take it to the Motel room with us. We stopped at a local resturant for supper and usually sit at a window so we can keep an eye on the truck. Well the resturant had more people in it than in the past so we didn't get a window seat. To make a long story short, someone had been watching us and followed us to the resturant. After supper when we got out and ready to leave the key wouldn't fit in the driver door lock so truck had to be unlocked on passenger side. noticed the driver seat had been leaned forward and the cases of items that were in behind the drivers seat were gone. They didn't take either of the 2 pistols or my laptop but the gold and jewelry were missing. Value is estimated in the several tens of thousands from what we can figure with several thousand dollers cash. Someone knew exactually what they were doing to get into the truck in short order and it was broad daylight. Of course the resturant didn't have any video cameras. Law enforcement has been back and forth with us all day. The club sponsering the show is putting up a $1000.00 reward and the press had gotten wind of it and was there doing a story. I think social media has picked up on it to. Any info is to be called into the Coeur d'Alene Idaho police dept. It's a tough road to hoe were just glad no one got hurt. I remember years ago when a dealer out of I believe Calif. had a break in in his motor home after a show as he was out to dinner and lost almost 1/4 milion in gold.
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