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  1. You got it Frank.....A Capriottis "Capastromi" or ? http://capriottis.com/menu.html Your help is always appreciated!!!
  2. Fred's offer to take him to Gold Basin from Las Vegas is very generous. From my house here in Henderson, Gold Basin is 105 miles, 210 round trip. I usually spend $45 - $50 (depending on price) for gasoline. Add $6 (per person) for a McDonalds breakfast, and $7 (per person) for a Capriottis sandwich for lunch. So Fred will be spending about $60 on the person driving him to Gold Basinnot a bad deal. ;) Now if you want to extend the adventure another day in Gold Basin, or go to Franconia for a day, add another $20 for gasoline, $60 for a shared motel room in Meadview or $45 in Kingman, $22 (pe
  3. Hi Fred, Here is a link to the Desert Outfitters website: http://www.desertoutfitters.com/ Last time (3 years ago) I rented a Gold Bug, it cost $25 a day. I would call and reserve one in advance. ;) Dale
  4. Hi Fred, How many days are you planning to spend hunting Gold Basin? Even us experienced hunters get skunked most of the time out there. I would also recommend renting either a Fisher Gold Bug 2 or GMT from Desert Outfitters (here in Vegas) as the F-75 is marginal for hunting L 4-6 Chondrites. I might be able to help you out, but the date is a little too far out to make a firm commitment at this time. Dale Romero www.findameteorite.com
  5. Sorry everyone, I have found a person to ride with me. Thanks for all your reponses! Good luck to anyone else going up to Coloma for this adventure. I'm looking forward to reporting my new finds! ;)
  6. Hi Everyone, I will be leaving Las Vegas tomorrow (Friday) 4/27 about 1 pm to search for the Coloma Meteorite, and I will be returning to Las Vegas late Sunday night. I am looking for 1 person to help with gas expenses and to split a motel for 2 nights. I estimate your share of the cost for travel & motel to be about $150 + your food. My son Jason has been at ground zero since Wednesday and I have been providing intel. As of tonight, I have all the information to put us in good hunting ground. This would be a good opportunity for you to hunt with experienced meteorite hunters. So if your
  7. Hi Jim, We witnessed this event at exactly 7:45 pm PDT. This was confirmed by both my truck clock and my son's cell phone. With that said, it seems all the radars were in-between sweeps, with none sweeping at exactly 7:45. The Las Vegas radar did have a sweep at 7:46, but no telltale meteorite signatures are present. From my investigation of the various eyewitness reports, my guess is this meteor landed somewhere north of the 10 fwy, just inside Arizona. I guess we'll never know for sure...until one of us finds it! ;)
  8. Nice one Frank.... sorry to hear about the cactus spines, but "No pain, No Gain"!!! :lol: What dates are the outings in October? We are anxious to get back out in the field now that the weather is starting to cool down. Please let me know. Dale
  9. Hi Everyone, I was really hoping to make this trip and meet all you guys in person. However, I have been given the painfully hard task of house sitting for my inlaws for 2 weeks at their house in Huntington Beach, CA. I will have an exhausting hike of one block to reach the surf, but rest assured I will be scanning the sand for any beach chondrites. After a hard day of playing in the surf, I will have to suffer with fish tacos and strawberry margaritas for dinner at a downtown HB eatery. I will try to make due!!! :yuk-yuk: :P No really, I will be thinking of you all and waiting anx
  10. Hi Jim, Congratulations, NICE Finds!!! I was wondering: 1) How well do they stick to a magnet? 2) Were they on the surface, or partially buried? I'm looking forward to meeting you in July. :spinnin: Dale Romero www.findameteorite.com
  11. Here are my symptoms: • Whenever you see a "suspicious black rock" on the median or the side of the road, you pull over to investigate.... just incase it's a fresh fall. • Your wife's "dream vacation" is somewhere tropical that has a fancy hotel and room service. Your dream vacation is wandering around some part of a god forsaken desert and camping in a tent or staying at a cheap motel. • 98% of your friends are also meteorite hunters. • You have already planned your meteorite hunting trips for the next 6 months. • You pray every day...... that a bolide will come blazing out of the sky.... w
  12. I wish I had more time on my hands.....and more money too. ;) Cool video Jim, thanks for sharing!
  13. Welcome Bryan, glad you found us here at Nugger Shooter!!! ;)
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