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  1. Awesome skills you have with that GB2.....great work...
  2. Yes....may have been cold...bet the gold warmed it up some. Nice nuggets.
  3. Great advice Bill, thank you as it applies to us gpx owners also and for that matter vlf owners. I try to explain in simple terms like when your in a fog and you turn your brights on what happens is it blinds you. cause it bounces back..and you do not see. With regular lights on you can see. To much power and you will not see it all....and you crash and burn.
  4. Wow, great day out..numbing cold but the gold gods rewarded your suffering....
  5. Wow that's a lot of gold in that riffle from drywashing that spot. Now I understand why it's hard not to be out there even when conditions are not that great for drywashing.
  6. Hey Shep, regardless of 7 dwt or 1 ounce.......its a good score. Smash it with a hammer and see the yoke.....I have done it a few times and mechanically cleaned the specimen with some electrician tools...turned out great.
  7. Very nice finds and great picture on the sdc.....goes to show that this detector works!
  8. Great piece and size.....best of all, may have a future nuggeteer in the ranks.
  9. Way to go Dave, wish I lived closer so I can do one of these outings. Seems like you Arizona guys and gals get all the fun and gold.
  10. That's a keeper, what a beauty of a find, congrats to you.
  11. It's like hide and seek, can't get em all the first time, or sec, third, fourth.....if theirs trash in the area, theirs gold also.
  12. Spa in Nv, Thanks for the update....sure would be nice to have one of those....close ups do look much nicer and you can see the detail of the nuggets.
  13. Very nice work.....I like the magnification pictures. If you don't mind me asking, what microscope and camera do you use?
  14. Nice work....and YUP.................lots more out there. Just have to change the venue once in a while and be surprised what you find.
  15. BD, Nice job and with cooler weather I bet we all get more of that yellar metal. Is that GB gold?
  16. That's dang good detecting with that coil....nice job.
  17. Great story and great advice...I need to lower my expectations.....the other two I nailed...
  18. Shes a beauty and a Biggie !! Very nice.....
  19. Your kill it when you go out, I would say your one of the most successful nugget hunters around these parts!! Thanks for sharing....
  20. Owned a 1996 Ford 150 and a Mustang 5.0 both were just fine..now I am a Chevy guy...2005 Tahoe.... a Suburban and Subaru ....both very nice cars. Both Ford and Chevy ran fine with proper maintenance.....if you take care of them, they will take care of you. Maybe the problem is...not the vehicles, but the owners of Fords ????
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