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  1. Amazing iron crust....i need to go back and slam all the ones I have in my bucket....
  2. Hey Shep, Some are for showing, some are not.....they just not pretty enough but here is few for showing. Have a great time out int he desert.
  3. Nice one Adam, it has like wire gold features...you dug that one out and did not break it in half.....
  4. 5.5 grams coarse nug. recent find
  5. Garimpo, The is a Hunkin Snoopy nug....its a keeper.... Adam, That is one Odd looking piece of gold.....dang awesome !!
  6. Yes very true...that's why it's so hard to let go of them. I met one owner of a mine in my area...I asked him how he markets his specimens. he said I don't, he said he uses the Collectors Edge out of Golden, Colorado. They clean the pieces and mount them, than market them to collectors around the world. I suppose that's the way to do it if you want top dollar. I have dug around some ole diggins and found a few pieces here and there....i could just imagine what they dug up from those seams..when it was all virgin ground.... must have been amazing.
  7. Hey Wes, I know how that is, I bet to some extent all of us on this forum have sold off some of their pieces they wished they had not. I suppose when you need the cash , you got to let go of some of the stash. That one looked like it weighted a few grams, nice and chunky.
  8. Thanks for the information Adam. That locust specimen was around 1.9 grams or so. Here is one last one for a while.....a bit of eye candy to get the gold blood flowing....again one of my finds from years past. I call it my "Cobra Nugget", its a beautiful 16.2 gram hoppered specimen found in the California Motherlode region. This truely is one of my best examples of hoppered gold I have found, and having a cobra head at the top adds to the piece as well.
  9. Nice one Adam, is it Arizona gold? Can you give us an approximate weight.
  10. I did not know diamonds can have trigon patterns..pretty cool. Here is another unusal find from years back. I think this although a bit over a gram..is unique. Looks like a bug, locust.
  11. Hey El, Your an artist !! Great work.......quarts/gold speci looks very nice. Ron, sure does look like a Daschund. Thanks for sharing...
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