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  1. Its nice, what type of minerals are you storing? Hope its locked up and fire proof.....a good old bolted down gun safe works well to.
  2. Awesome skills you have with that GB2.....great work...
  3. Yes....may have been cold...bet the gold warmed it up some. Nice nuggets.
  4. Great advice Bill, thank you as it applies to us gpx owners also and for that matter vlf owners. I try to explain in simple terms like when your in a fog and you turn your brights on what happens is it blinds you. cause it bounces back..and you do not see. With regular lights on you can see. To much power and you will not see it all....and you crash and burn.
  5. Wow, great day out..numbing cold but the gold gods rewarded your suffering....
  6. Garimpo, I am sold on the quality of Detech....I may just end up with both the new Mono and DD they have available with the new and improved coil technology. And both waterproof....that's a plus in wet or moist conditions. Here's a little chicken I found the other day.... with the Detech.
  7. Wow that's a lot of gold in that riffle from drywashing that spot. Now I understand why it's hard not to be out there even when conditions are not that great for drywashing.
  8. A10, I use Monos and dd coils, depending on my site and gold that I have recovered really determines which coil I use.Many times if its trashy with iron I start with a dd and use disc to locate the first nugget in that trashy area. Than I dig everything within the vicinity of the nugget. I clear it all....as I upgrade to medium and even at times my largest a 20" NF mono...just to see if any larger pieces dwell deeper, but most of the times I find the gold to be within 12 inches of the surface. I also have a small sadie mono I use as I get just a bit more depth. But to be honest my most valuable and largest finds were with a dd. If you want the ability to use discrimination and have great target separation you can't go wrong with that Commander coil. Of course adjust you coils to the ground your hunting. Make it a habit to use a variety of coils on those good sites and don't be afraid to experiment with you detector settings. I am not set on all the Commander coils for many reasons and have no brand preference, but I pick the best of all brands. I would also suggest using Detech coils ...in particular the 10x15 Mono..its a KILLER and a WINNER. This coil I would confidently say it has found me the most gold,not in weight ..but shear amount in number. My go to coils are as follows, 10x15 Detech Mono, 10x5 Commander dd, sadie mono NF, and now I am planning to buy the Detech 14 Mono as its waterproof and I hear great things about it. Hope this helps.
  9. The 10x5 dd E coil is a killer of a coil.
  10. Hey Shep, regardless of 7 dwt or 1 ounce.......its a good score. Smash it with a hammer and see the yoke.....I have done it a few times and mechanically cleaned the specimen with some electrician tools...turned out great.
  11. Very nice finds and great picture on the sdc.....goes to show that this detector works!
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