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  1. Bob, I guess when I mentioned lunatics, I should have used a different word. I was told there are some not so nice people in the hills and I should go there well armed. With what I have been told these are possibly the type that would rob you or kill you, so this is why I ask. I do not know how true it is, but I thought I would be safe then sorry. I always go armed and so does my wife. I would like to have a trip in there and not have worry about any type of confrontation....so to speak ;)
  2. I am glad to see some of you folks think my mine is gone or a hoax.....makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. On another note, I really couldn't say. I spent most of my childhood following my father into the superstitions in search of the dutchman mine. If anything it always added adventure to the family overnight outings ;) I am planning to go back into the hills for some fun in the near future, but have been warned by others that there are some crazy people back in there now days. Can anyone confirm this...about the lunatics that roam the hills now days?
  3. Thanks for the welcome, everyone Even after a 118 years, ole' Jacob is still going strong and I can't give up the location of my mine....LOL
  4. I hope I am in the right forum to introduce myself. I just found this board and wanted to drop in and say hello to everyone. I am from Phoenix, Arizona and look forward to meeting some new mining/outdoor buddies and learn some more about panning for gold....
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