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  1. Enjoyed very much. Thanks Dave for pointing it out.....
  2. I first started prostecting in the Breck area, many fun camping/exploring trips around this very high area of Colorado. Hope you enjoy the story of Tom's Baby, the largest nugget found in Colorado..... http://www.summitdaily.com/news/19189176-113/discovering-toms-baby-the-largest-piece-of-gold
  3. Hi Ron and all. I am the webmaster of the club. You can join the Quartzsite Metal Detecting Club at the general meetings, held the first Weds of the month at 7pm, at the monthly coin hunts on the third Sat each month at 1pm. You may also sign up at the Gold Miser on Hiway 95 or the ProMac shop across from the General Store on B-10 frontage road. Membership is $20 per couple. The Club is having it's annual JANUARY SUPER COIN HUNT on January 15th at 1pm. $30 for members, $40 for non-members. Lot's of great items including several metal detectors and lots of gold and silver. Hope to see so
  4. Frank, Have a great time visiting Q. The Quartzsite Metal Detecting Club has over 480 acres available to members. Membership is only $20 for a couple and maps will be given with your paid membership. You can join up if you wish at either gold equipment store in Q.
  5. Gold Miser in Quartzsite carries Keene drywashers as well
  6. Congrats on your decision to fulltime in your RV. My wife and I have been on the road for 5 years in our 5th wheel and big truck. We spend our winters in the desert outside of Quartzsite, AZ. We started with family forwarding our mail until it became a chore for them. We now use a service in SD, My Home Address in Emery. SD is very open on its residency rules. There are hundreds of services in SD and other fine states. One must look at all options and get the service you need. They got my license plates for both truck and trailer. They receive and forward our mail. I am registered to
  7. I just got a new laptop with Vista. Downloaded Firefox and it works great. BTY, I like the new format. Ron, Nice nugget!
  8. I had no problem whatsoever with the repair job that White's in Sweet Home did on my GMT last December. I also did not spend anywhere near $50 to ship. Hope your problems get resolved.
  9. Dont you believe Grubstake about the weather. Colorado has over 300 days of sun each year. Broomfield will not be winter for 9 months, although it does snow lots and deeply at times. The Denver area has a local gold club, Gold Prospectors of the Rockies. They had no claims when I was a member 5 years ago, but a great group of people. Gold Prospectors of Colorado is based in Colo. Spgs. They have many claims available for club members. Both of these clubs can be found on the web with a search, and membership is minimal. Good luck in your bid at a new life, you are going to be in a great
  10. And then for all us snowbirds, we also need an Arizona Certificate of Title even though we are from out of state or country. The DMV will need to do a VIN check on your quad before issuing a title so load up your bikes before going to get your sticker.
  11. :angry-smiley-010: I emailed the powers to be in district 24 and got this reply. David, This bill is necessary to protect the privledge. To many people are abusing our lands and this tool is necessary to deal with the growing problem. Sincerely, Representative Ulmer This woman can't even use spellcheck, so how is she to make new laws that make sense?????
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