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  1. Hi Terry, Not sure if this helps, but I found an article about the cultural adornment of teeth. Not sure of the age of your find, but I would take it to an anthropologist at ASU or whatever big university you are near (I'm assuming Arizona). Here is the article, go about halfway down to the section "intentional modification of teeth sections IV and V". Typically, Jade, gold, pyrite or other stones would be inset into teeth depending on tribal status. Either you have a museum piece, or as mentioned earlier, a gang banger with a bad dentist. http://www.uic.edu/classes/osci/osci590/6_1TheCulturalModificationOfTeeth.htm Great find by the way - creepy doesn't begin to describe it. Keep us posted on what you find out... Jeff
  2. Thanks, Yeah that is one mack-daddy coil... got it about 18 months ago and it has found many... smallest nugget yet is a .4 grammer at 5 inches on shallow mode. It was a surprise. I only use 2 coils now, an 8 mono and the 24. No amp with the 24, I would have to tune out the fillings in my teeth.
  3. Well, it was meant to be a recon trip, turned into a prospecting trip, then magically turned back into a recon trip... It's all good...
  4. Back to the old patch today with my friend Bill - It was his first actual nugget hunting trip to a good spot with his newly-purchased GB2 from Craigslist. Anxious to see if we could get to elevation (7200 ft.) we set aside any worries of inclement weather. 3 hours of following dirtbike trails and sometimes NO trail, we inched our way up to our target destination :ph34r2: . 32 degrees and partly sunny. 12:51 P.M. looking good, weather looks like it will hold - Bill is digging up all sorts of trash, I finally get the coil mounted on my machine and I am ready to get going. (takes picture) 12:59 P.M. - Hmmm that wind just came out of nowhere... seems really cold too. 1:05 P.M. - wow that's a serious snow squall heading this way... 1:10 P.M. - Time to put the detector in the truck, I can't feel my hands anymore... (40 MPH winds and sideways snow) 1:12 P.M - I wonder how Bill is doing... (takes picture) 1:30 P.M. - This sucks, let's do something else... like head home There you have it, high elevation detecting in spring. Fun trip anyway, though.
  5. My vote is for the Fisher GB2 as well- I run a Minelab PI on the larger deeper gold and a GB2 for shallow trash and small gold... I don't have any experience with Minelab VLF machines, but I suspect they perform just as nicely as the fisher units. From experience, I can tell you that a GB2 with a 3x5 coil (properly balanced)will find amazingly small gold. Best of luck, Jeff
  6. Beautiful Nuggets from the Hualapai Mts. .... I thought that area was all silver mines :hmmmmm:
  7. Two days, two different washes, two different nuggets... about a foot of material was stripped off of every wash during the last storm, decided to go dig through endless trash and it paid off better this time! 4.1 grams and 5.5 grams
  8. Well, a few more have come out of the ol' cholla forest at Lake Havanugget - 15 nuggets total now (only 10 in the photo), pushing 1/2 oz...100x200 feet with a stray nugget found 300 yards away... weeds are pulled, raking begins!
  9. Here it is cleaned... all of the caliche fizzed right off and left a beauty!
  10. Linda got her first nugget ever "WOO HOO" (and the first with the GMT) yesterday about 30 feet away from mine - this one was completely coated with caliche. I removed a bit for the pic and we are going in to town to get some Lime Away to get the rest of the caliche off. Right around a gram and 2 minelabs passed over it the day before... now there are 3 from an area about 600 sq. feet. Time to do some weeding and raking...
  11. Lake Havanugget gave up another- 25" mono NF Advantage cherry is gone at 19"... plus Linda found this nice Indian Head Penny in a wash nearby that was very trashy... This one weighs 2.1 grams, and a friend pulled a 1 grammer today about 30 feet from this one that could have been found with a studfinder at 3" .... new patch?
  12. Just to make it clear, I would not detect on a valid claim - I rely on filed paperwork more than markers.
  13. I would never detect on a VALID claim without permission - That being said, you need to arm yourself with very good and up-to-date information. Know the mining claim laws! Posts and signs aren't the only things that make a claim legal - Documentation and timely filing of payments are also part of the equation. Before I detect an area that has some claims on it that are marked or unmarked, I check with the BLM and ALSO the County Auditors' office. I have encountered several locations that had claim markers not knowing if they had lapsed or were still valid. Since I now carry the BLM and Auditor records where I detect, I know now which ones are legal to hunt on. I have lost claims over legal technicalities, as well as gained a few. One specifically was over improper/missing corner markers. If you are unsure, check the records/laws - If it's claimed and VALID, give the owner a call and ask permission, it's worked for me in the past... Markers are a big part of having a legal claim. so is a discovery post. If the claim is unmarked, it may be patented - check to see the land status. If the markers are missing, notify the claim owner, they would appreciate that. Also check to see if it has lapsed at the BLM. If it has lapsed I would detect it in a heartbeat. Missing claim markers... make sure you are checking far and wide... I think claims can be pretty large in AZ. I personally would detect a claim without markers, unless the markers are not specifically required by law for a legal claim. my two cents... If I'm wrong, I'm sure plenty of good folks will point it out
  14. I believe this taken at both 30 and 45x I took about 50 pics at varying angles to get it right, I will post one of what it looks like without proper lighting in a few days.
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