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  1. Often you'll find a few colors or a tail of gold first when sampling quartz veins or stringers,while looking for pockets.A metal detector won't pick up fine gold.If there was a small pocket of gold two or three feet inside the wall rock or back would your detector pick that up?One could easily leave a pocket or small species behind if your just using your detector....and just because there was a gold mine.that does not imply that the mine made any highgrade ore..or even free gold for that matter.I've sampled hundreds of veins over a period of 35 years and even when a vein shows color,it often stays that way....on the other hand I've had veins that only showed a few colors and eventually made a small pocket.

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  2. RD was Richard Delahanty,also known on the forums as RD of Indio.We PM'ed each other many times when I was detecting with a GMT some years ago.Doubt if he needed his initials on a rock for posterity.His good will to share knowledge and his expertise at detecting in the desert are his legacy...even though many newcomers don't know about him.

  3. This fire is burning out of control in my county(Calaveras) in California.It has burned over 65,000 acres so far and containment has dropped from 20 percent to 5 percent.Most of the county is in private property and the BLM ground that's open is very hard to get access to.Alot of it is landlocked.Lot's of small communities here about have mandatory evacuations and others are on standby.Even if you know people in this county it's very difficult to get access to any ground to prospect.

  4. With the great help of the members of satellite tv website and luck I got it going again.For some reason my old RCA TV has to be set to AV input channel 91.Antway I pushed the sliding switch at the top of the DirectTV remote all the way right to the TV setting,pressed menu and channel 91 and it came back on.Then returned the switch to the directTV logo on the far left and it was back on.Thanks for the supplies.

  5. Matt,My mining days are over due to poor physical health.Yes I clearly recall the transaction in Jackson,Ca. for the Braun lightning crusher.After getting it home a neighbour of mine who is a miner and mining engineer took it apart and cleaned and greased everthing,along with building a sturdy metal stand for it.I sent photos of the jaw crusher to the Bico-Braun headquarters and received a reply saying they couldn't find a record of that model and it must be one of the earliest made by Braun(perhaps 1910) or earlier.In any case I gave it to Kuger who posts mostly on the Treasurenet forums.He was my prospecting partner for awhile and is a well known artifact hunter(belt buckles,Chinese ephemora,etc.)...along with dredging when it was permissible in California.....Matt,at first I thought you were Kugers friend Matt from the southern part of the motherlode country who hunts for gold......

  6. Thought I read somewhere years back that the large Australian gold mines use spectroscopy to identify their gold.Something along the lines that all gold has a unique identity from it's source.This is to prevent highgrading,even if that's only a remote possibility in open pit mines or at their processing facilities.

  7. I don't have a clue on how the rock is being extracted as I'm not there and the method weren't stated.Digging out a ton of country/wall rock and vein material with hand tools is a quite a task.Having six grams per ton is great..but is this based on just one sample and will the vein carry this amount or more or less at depth?There are always dead spots in veins where no gold is present.Veins pinch and widen and vanish..they become faulted and are never found again.You might hit water..the veins content might change to sulphides.If one is lucky you might encounter a nice pocket or ore shoot which will put out visable species..this is not always the case in gold bearing veins......and then there are the old basic but true hard rock mining sayings..one never knows what's beyond the point of a pick and your a foot from a million and a million feet from a dollar....Any gold in a quartz vein is worth following,at least it was for for me.

  8. From the 1870's-1920's the price of gold being perhaps $ 18-$ 20 an ounce that was low grade ore.So if the vein was sampled it might have been just left there.Of course any gold in a quartz vein is worth further sampling.One never knows when you break into a ore shoot or enrichment....Good find.

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