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  1. Au,a friend took the pics.The chain should last a very long time,and is sold in ten foot lengths I believe.Will try and get you specs and how the chain is attached when I see my friend.Scrap steel goes for about $1 a pound or so? and any scrap metal yard may have chain also....Dave.
  2. A mining engineer friend of mine,Bart Hanford made part of this for me and had the rest fabricated...1/2 horsepower washing machine motor with muffler clamp welded to hold motor in place..#40 chain to pulverize the rock...4 7/16ths bolts to hold the face plate.Diagonal feed shoot.We didn't add a hole or throat for a vacuum pickup.Will open up the plate and vacuum all with that buckethead vacuum thingy/or put the vacuum nozzle in the feed shoot as it's running.If one has the tools and access to steel scrap tanks and other steel it can be made for less than $200.Haven't used it as yet but Bart and Robert Schmauder ran some good ore through and turned it all to powder.
  3. http://s667.photobucket.com/albums/vv39/mldave/?action=firstLogin see if this works.lost my step by step instructions to forward.
  4. Yeah man I own stock in yahoo...just tried to post a link from my e-mail is all...Can't seem to transfer the pics from e-mail to photobucket.Bill can delete the first post if he wants to...Dave Wiseman.
  5. http://us.mc1135.mail.yahoo.com/mc/welcome?.gx=1&.tm=1265230086&.rand=5v58vu2tr0uio#_pg=showMessage&sMid=0&&filterBy=&.rand=2031601655&midIndex=0&mid=1_39471_ADqniGIAAFLpS2jWOgYelSvS8Yw&f=1&m=1_39471_ADqniGIAAFLpS2jWOgYelSvS8Yw,1_37275_ADKniGIAACdjS2erFQiFxW1DZ4E,1_30269_ADSniGIAALJ1S1tGjwphojT%2FNPU,1_28471_ADuniGIAAGV4S1myqgahCiqLv5Y,1_21401_ADuniGIAAWzyS1CmgAZ%2FjTjYOo8,&sort=date&order=down&startMid=0&hash=9700064ebc546db5a84779e6b8545ffb&.jsrand=9889885
  6. Tell em' Bro,look for thr yellow kiddo...good hunting.
  7. Link dosen't work....type Barron's cabin,Arizona into google to get coordinates..
  8. http://arizona.hometownlocator.com/maps/bigmap,n,barrons%20cabin%20(historical),fid,1038.cfm
  9. Thanks for the replies fellows. The guy who asked me is moving up by the north coast and said the area was unpatented mining claims at one time,but most were abandoned before the depression.Some kind of deal was worked between the BLM and the state and the status is unclear.He'll check at that counties assesors and recorders office.
  10. Can ground be worked that belongs to the California Youth authority,State of California?
  11. Good one slim! and all the other posts as well...Chris why not use white PVC pipe,cemented at the bottom?..Guess it's O.K. to walk up to houses and try the front door handles,not locked or no sign reading private residence..come on in.In this town you'd get your butt whipped or you'd be digging pellets out of your arse for a week,and by the way YES,Yes..the Rottweiler would still be latched onto your leg....Dave.
  12. Infrared photo's can show you the way,if anything was ever there to begin with?????...Believe most lost mine stories were just someone perhaps finding a specimen of rich float...Read the state mining reports and think about this,most hardock mines in Arizona were shallow deposits.Many had short,shallow ore shoots..easily gotten to and removed with just hand tools,and of course much sweat and ball-brea....
  13. Sawmill,just ran it once when I was present for a few minutes.Seems to make 25%-40% powder and the rest about quarter inch flat chips.It's over at Kugers house at this time.Still could use that Av crusher?A local fellow surprised me yesterday morning by stopping me on the road and handing me a 5 gallon bucket of rusty mineralized quartz he wants sampled.A quick glance produced chalcopyrite sulphides,iron pyrites and mica.This from the east belt of the motherlode,where often black-bluish-smokey/rose quartz is sometimes rich......AuTsaurus Greg,the old chap still working on that odd stamp mill.He had it done but the side beams wracked and the cam broke.I'm not a camera guy,will ask Kuger to get pics you requested.Is that Greg born in taurus or tsoris as in troubles?........Dave.
  14. Chris,the fellow Ron who did all the work on it.Motor, cutting adjusting slots in the angle iron,repacking the bearing,welding angle iron feet on the motor stand said the hardfacing on the plates is good for now.Can also be hand cranked......Matt,hope to get you and Kuger together for a field trip.
  15. have the pics back I hope..brain is jelly beans these days.
  16. Yeah Cooter,on my best day 40 years ago it would'nt go ten feet.I'll let my young partner Kuger deal with it(ha,ha).
  17. http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/david.s.wiseman?ref=profile
  18. Just a small sampling mill,not production unit.But alas my partner Kuger and I only run high grade rock from our pocket hunting.All set up now with a half horse power washing machine motor,adjusting slots in the angle iron for belt tension.Took apart the main bearing and re-greased,very little scoring on it.Oiled all the other moving parts with 40 weight oil.My neighbor Ron,from Az did all the work.Don't know his last name but he's an old minin man with claims and lot's of know how.Hopefully Kuger will post various pics of the unit after moving to his house.http://www.facebook.com/david.s.wiseman?ref=profile
  19. In Japan they have people,not things that are national treasures..mostly craftsman of exceptional old world skills which are near extinct,men like Paleface.
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