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  1. Thanks for the replies fellows,I can't get anything on that site.
  2. It's about 32 degrees in Angels Camp,Ca. in the gold country,and frosty.
  3. Geojack,no I don't.However the state library in Sacramento should have all the mining reports,bulletins,special reports and county reports of mines and minerals.I'm not talking about the city library,but the state library in Sac.Also I think the BLM has a library in Sac or Folsom.Most of the old mining reports or old quarterly state mining reports have indexes in the back of them with all the publications since time began.There's also a seperate book of just indexes.You might try google books,as they have a vast array of mining books and reports to download.......
  4. It may be referring to black carbonized silicous slate.Get a copy of Volumne 53 January-April 1957 from the California journal of mines and geology,has all the Mariposa County info..including the Colorado mine.
  5. Perhaps you could just post on that forum....
  6. If you contact Steve Herschback on this forum or read previous posts on the subject perhaps you'll find your answer....http://www.akmining.com/forums/forum.php
  7. Alot of detectors will sound off on graphite/graphite schist.
  8. The nugget casino also had some fabulous specimens from the Big Bonanza mine in Sonora ca...Had pieces like dry lasagna noodles.The mine was located in the area of the old red church,downtown Sonora.
  9. The B of A is long gone from here.Believe some of the gold was in the collection at the Nugget casino in Carson City Nevada at one time.
  10. One thing for sure is you have very little competition......You can see a short paper I wrote very quickly for someone years ago at goldplacer.com,under hardrock sampling.Any questions I can answer,I'll try to fill you in.
  11. Woodchuck,I gather you've read all the mining reports,bulletins issued by the state over the past 150 years.There may be diaries,stories,tales available from the local historical society and old newspaper articles..info on old survey maps and land deeds etc.
  12. Do a google search,lot's of info there.
  13. diamondbackexc.....your right in my county.I'm in Angels Camp.......Do some basic sampling.Been doing that stuff for 35 years and if want some info meet me at Rodz grille in Angels and I'll give you a few tips.....find a copy of this book which can be bought online for $8-$40 depending on condition and edition Handbook for Prospectors by Vonbernewitz or newer editions by Richard Pearl.The main library in San Andreas might have the book/or they can order it for you.Also read my quickly written basic sampling paper here.
  14. Why three pockets of gold?..Why not 6 pockets or two more pockets?Is mother nature so set in her ways?Perhaps sometime in the past a fellow or two found three pockets on one vein and this was taken as a given that it happens on most occasions.A mine may have many pockets of varying sizes or one or none.Some ore shoots contain just fine gold,visable or not.Some short lived mines or prospects may have/had one good enrichment and that's it.The vast amounts of money spent on developement and equipment after the discovery of one good ore shoot in the California motherlode is well documented.Very few mines were profitable.There are pockets to be found for those who persist and are fortunate.Finding three at or near the surface on the same vein would be a rare occurance I'd say,but possible.Many fellows in Australia work the reefs(veins) with their detectors and find nice species,but go no further in their prospecting.They don't do soil samples for the many ounces of fine gold that must be around these reefs(veins) on occasion or sample three or four feet down which is beyond the reach of detectors.I've posed these questions on Aussie forums for years and finally a few well known fellows are getting ounces,where before they just cherry picked the obvious species.Where a gold bearing vein bends,curves,dips,enters another country rock,faults are likely spots for pockets and if one pocket is found on one of these spots on a gold bearing vein the prospector might expect to find an enrichment when a similar occurance happens on that vein...but not always and not in every mine or prospect.
  15. http://www.thecourier.com.au/news/local/news/general/ballarat-prospector-finds-120000-worth-of-gold/2455639.aspx
  16. http://blog.sfgate.com/techchron/2012/01/11/now-you-can-recharge-your-cell-phone-with-pee/?tsp=1
  17. Get on the bedrock and follow it across the creek.......
  18. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/the--200-000-a-year-mine-worker-.html
  19. John,As long as you have a good Chiropractor......
  20. http://golddetecting.4umer.net/t6616-7kg-nugget-found-in-russia-small-pic
  21. Mercury flasks hold 76 lbs..so times that by the spot price on the metals market.
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