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  1. Is the bedrock by any chance..graphite schist?
  2. Hey Grub,do you own your own tank ?My friends just call around for the lowest price.
  3. The species may be worth a fortune to you,but in reality if you looking for cash it's only worth what someones willing to pay.I've heard over the years that the snowbirds at the Quartzite flea market in Arizona pay good prices for species and nuggets.Along a similar theme,all the species I ever found the quartz was too soft to do much with jewellery wise.
  4. You had the Ponderosa Rd. which I believe ran through most of California and was a fire road with public access.The state abandoned the road and then the signs and fences went up.In the motherlode gold country of California most people whose property backs up to or borders BLM ground think they own it.In my county(Calaveras) a good 80 percent of BLM ground is landlocked.
  5. Man, .I've had people steal my five gallon buckets on more than one occasion.
  6. If your sampling on quartz veins then you keep following the gold(following the lead).That is if your even getting a little color keep going as the gold in a veIn goes in and outThe time to quit a spot is at your own discretion.I've gone back and sampled veins that I gave up on and found nice species.
  7. Perhaps from the oversize on a dredging tailings pile.
  8. What was the technology that was used at the Sixteen to one hardrock mine in northern California to locate pockets?
  9. P.M. sent... and just cleaned out my mailbox,
  10. You use a scaling bar, for loose rock on the ceiling which is called, the back.An inside shaft is called a winze and a upward shaft is a raise....and it's really only a tunnel if both ends open to the outside,otherwise it's an adit or drift.Drifting is mostly used in conjunction with placer mines such as old tertiary rivers.In different mining districts and states people use and or interchange mining terms.
  11. Had good luck in veins in poison oak patches,perhaps an affinity for each other?
  12. Obviously you should look in known gold districts,past producers that that threw free gold and high grade ore if there was such a spot where your prospecting.Look into getting state mining reports from public.university libraries old U.S. mining Bureau and geological reports.,historical associations etc.Talk with real old timers.Access to properties and endless sampling are keys to getting the yellow.Hand tools work just fine with the know how and lots of grit and no quit on your part.I can P.M. you a sampling paper.For some reason I can never post links on this site.
  13. For those of you that metal detect for coins and relics one of the old issues I use to have had a great article on Arizona trade tokens.
  14. The nugget or species is only worth what you can get for it.If your needy or desperate you take less..if your life is mostly a royal flush..you can wait for that perfect buyer.
  15. You can research the gold mining districts of Nevada from your local public,.university and/or state libraries or dept. of geology..mineral resources etc.Read the old reports and that will clue you in to the local geology.Historical organizations have great info also on former gold mining areas.
  16. You can check with your county assesor's or recorders office.
  17. Have an 86 Toyota 4x4 2.4 motor with the IFS,it used to have a turbo engine.Anyway,a clutch kit was put in it(Sacks) and I get hard shifting into first gear and very hard into reverse.But then again sometimes it'll shift like butter into first.The shop has bled it twice and adjusted pedal height and MC cylinder rod and that lasts a month or so and back to the same on/off shifting issue.If the shop guy has time next week I asked him to check the slave cyl hose for ballooning and the clutch pedal bracket for flexing and cracks.The master clutch and slave cylinders were replaced before the clutch kit was installed.Do you think it still has air in the line,MC being internally bypassed?Clutch pedal needing further adjustment?The mechanic did say when installing the clutch kit that the wrong midplate was between the engine and tranny with the wrong bolts,but he made it work.I'm not mechanical at all and pretty well crippled up anyways so my doing any work on it is out of the scenario.Any thoughts?Have been on all the Toyota forums online....thanks,Dave.
  18. http://www.google.com/#hl=en&tbo=d&output=search&sclient=psy-ab&q=gold+deposits+of+New+Jersey&oq=gold+deposits+of+New+Jersey&gs_l=hp.12..0i22.3342.20784.0.23023.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.1357316858,d.cGE&fp=e18cb73c5a071bf7&biw=1024&bih=634
  19. Geo2,there was a fellow in grass Valley/Nevada City Ca. who finds fixes up and sells these older units.Don't know his name,location or even if he still does that stuff.
  20. Your the man on this stuff,Sawmill.
  21. Geo2,that's an old Braun jaw crusher circa 1912..so old that the Bico-Braun company has no records or info on that model.They didn't even know of it's existence till I asked for info on The unit and sent them pictures.The model is the lightning jaw crusher,ha,ha.Just a small sampling unit and still works great.There are many plans for crushers and mills on the internet.
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