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  1. There's lot's of video's on you-tube on mills/and or how to build them.
  2. .....and how well does this machine work on quartz gold species?
  3. Easiest places to sell the gold in some towns is a bar where tourists stop by.
  4. That's exactly what my friend wants to temper as he wears out those forty dollar ones giving mining tours.
  5. Thanks Wes,had some old time mining friends that tempered for me but they passed on to the diggings up above.
  6. Anyone have a link for tempering mining picks?Especially for drifting picks used in hard rock mining.Need this for a friend.
  7. Yeah Skunked.any objects on publically administrated ground is supposed to be left where it is.Mostly end up misplaced by archaeologists and government employees.
  8. First off,are you sure the mine is on his property..and even if it is does he own the mineral rights?Sounds like your talking about the old mining district of Collierville.The mines may be under claim or part of the New Melones national recreation area.There was/is free gold in some of those mines and also lots of base metals.I've lived down the road a bit in Angels Camp and in my 37 years here never ventured to that area........https://www.google.com/#q=Collierville+mining+district+Murphys+California
  9. My late mining partner and I found a nice pocket of gold that was all tinted with that peacock ore hue and an orange dusting. It all came off after cleaning with hydrochloric acid.Possibly bornite and chalcopyrite.
  10. Thanks people for the good wishes.Recovering from left hip replacement surgery I had last week.Basically my mining days are over and have been for the last few years.Just been panning out and evaluating hard rock samples for people when I was able to.
  11. What's the story with the stringer to the left of the lizard?Are there more stringers and veins in the area?
  12. Homefire,it's twenty pennyweights(DWT) to the troy ounce.Easier for me to figure out the value of the gold,since two pennyweights is 1/10th of an ounce..you divide the 1/10th into the spot price of the yellow and basically there's your value.
  13. One of the best looking pieces of gold I've ever seen.
  14. Believe me that if you ever get real big storms your likely to never see those cans again.
  15. It's interesting how people discover a land that's been populated for thousands of years.kind of like filing over someone's claim,but obviously more serious than that.
  16. Seems like more of a matter of highgrading someone's claim than claim jumping.Filing over a legal claim is claim jumping,no matter what they keep talking about on that gem show on the weather channel.
  17. They all seem to interpret the laws differently and some likely make up their own laws.The odds are good that he'll be back.
  18. Bob,Handbook for Prospectors by Richard Pearl or older editions by VonBernewitz available online new or used at various prices or perhaps at your local public library.Maybe even free download from Google books.Also..How to find Gold by the late Aussie Ion Idreiss.These things should be read over and over..forever and when your out it in the field you'll apply what you've read after awhile.You can also read my sampling paper on goldplacer.com
  19. Chris,the gold doesn't always make where one thinks it would such as before or after a bend in the vein,a faulted spot, narrowing or widening etc.All veins that carry gold do not always have species or enrichments(pockets).Take your samples from different spots on the vein and follow the lead.If you read that book I mentioned it'll be your bible on gold.
  20. One thing to remember is that prospectors back in the day were looking for high grade veins and ore.So if lower grade gold bearing veins were found they were often left unworked.This doesn't mean that lower grade veins don't contain high grade here and there.But then again they may not contain species either.If you've done this type of stuff for years you know that any gold bearing vein has potential..for a pocket...or heartbreak.
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