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  1. Thanks for fixing the links.Anyone know why I always have trouble posting links on this site?I can copy the link,but not paste?
  2. http://www.finders.com.au/finders-forum-info/finders-forum/ click on the links on the Wedderburn gold post.
  3. Lydia,last time I checked about claims in Calaveras County...which was at least ten years ago most of the GPAA claims in our county had not been renewed.
  4. It's been in the mid 20's in Angels Camp Calaveras County,gold country in the mornings...and will be so all this coming week.
  5. GeoJack.obviously where you dig is up to you.First go one way and then the other.I've always used my intuition in these type of situations and even with over 30 years of doing that stuff I was often wrong and disappointed.I've left good diggings only to never find them again,due to cave ins and once forgot my sample bags only to have a metal detector fellow higrade me before I could get back.If your very well versed on the geology of that area and know that pockets make in certain situations..well only then you have a clue as to what may occur on a vein.Even with that kind of history of an area or mine,one never knows.An example of that was when a local rancher told me that only small pockets were ever found at my diggings and I had to smile to myself at that remark as a partner and I found a 20 ounce or so pocket over a two day period a few years before.Most people would be happy to just have the ore and the species would be a bonus if it ever showed up.But to each their own.I must admit that seeing the flash in the quartz when it's in place or after digging it out can be a breath taking moment,ha,ha.After all my years on the various gold forums it's great to see someone finally doing what I did with great pleasure and anticipation every day.You will find your own way of doing things as there's nothing better than learning hands on out in the field.In my way of doing things it was the salt on the table that led to the salt shaker if you get my drift....and then again just because there are always fines and small species in a vein or stringer it doesn't mean there is a pocket/or pockets.
  6. GeoJack,as you likely know a detector won't pick up very fine gold in a lump of quartz.So hopefully your crushing and panning out some of the vein quartz that doesn't sound off on your electronics.Perhaps your too far from your vehicle or home to take a load of samples home,but a small sack full isn't heavy.Think of the thousands of ounces of gold electronic prospecters have left behind in quartz rocks because of no discernible signal.From the vague description of the tailings it seems like the ore was handpicked and the lower grade stuff left for later or a fortunate hunter like yourself.Above all,safety first in hardrock..good luck.
  7. Follow the lead,in other words..wherever the gold is going.up.down,in,back.Keep sampling all the time.Can't post a link here for some reason but you can find my sampling paper on goldplacer.com under lode mining.Great looking specie you have there.Don't reveal the location.
  8. If one doesn't have tens,hundreds or thousands of ounces it doesn't really mean much at the current prices.It's all good when staying over a thousand dollars an ounce.
  9. Lots of hand work and slaves working in those days.They would build a fire against the face in a tunnel or drift and then throw cool water against it to break out the rock.Believe Spain had a lot of cinnabar mines also.
  10. .....and the areas of the Moke river that EBMUD doesn't have control over is mostly under claim.
  11. If you go to goldplacer.com...look under lode gold prospecting and you'll see my quickly written paper on sampling.Can never seem to post a link on this site for some reason.Don't know Idaho,but ask in any metal detecting club..like the GPAA or similar..The smaller stuff you could crush up with a mortar and pestle if you think there's not much inside the speci.
  12. i don't live or visit Arizona,however I've read many old mining reports and you'll find that most of the mines were shallow workings and many of the so called gold rushes were short lived.People were looking to make a mine or discover a lode they could sell.Many a mining camp existed for only a few weeks.Many an area lacked the water and or resources to bring water to a gold bearing area...and then there were lots of confrontations with the native Americans.Very narrow,thin veins or stringers were often not followed for many of the above reasons and the price of the yellow at those points in time.A few small quartz gold species or nuggets brought no excitement as it does today for the casual detectorist or prospector.
  13. Are you detecting or hard rock prospecting?
  14. When I started mining in 1977 gold was about $128 an ounce...so the current price of the yellow is great.
  15. You might have a slight chance to out run him if he had a broken leg and had just drank a case of beer.
  16. R.I.P.........sorry to hear that.Could have been any of us who've dug coyote holes.
  17. Solved the problem..a fellow on a Windows 7 forum provided the answer....right click desktop..click screen solutions..click link make text larger or smaller....thanks for the replies men.
  18. Garimpo,went though all the steps..seems to stay the same.
  19. No go MonsterGuppy,just makes everything huge but not the top or bottom bars.nor favorites.
  20. Dosen't change it..but thanks AuSeeker.
  21. How do I make the top of the screen menu bars and my favorites list bigger on Windows 7 home edition 32 bit internet explorer All of the top bars are in small print,but websites come in normal size.....Left the computer on and when I returned the bars were in small print...thanks dave.
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