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  1. Homefire,it's twenty pennyweights(DWT) to the troy ounce.Easier for me to figure out the value of the gold,since two pennyweights is 1/10th of an ounce..you divide the 1/10th into the spot price of the yellow and basically there's your value.
  2. Bob,Handbook for Prospectors by Richard Pearl or older editions by VonBernewitz available online new or used at various prices or perhaps at your local public library.Maybe even free download from Google books.Also..How to find Gold by the late Aussie Ion Idreiss.These things should be read over and over..forever and when your out it in the field you'll apply what you've read after awhile.You can also read my sampling paper on goldplacer.com
  3. Chris,the gold doesn't always make where one thinks it would such as before or after a bend in the vein,a faulted spot, narrowing or widening etc.All veins that carry gold do not always have species or enrichments(pockets).Take your samples from different spots on the vein and follow the lead.If you read that book I mentioned it'll be your bible on gold.
  4. One thing to remember is that prospectors back in the day were looking for high grade veins and ore.So if lower grade gold bearing veins were found they were often left unworked.This doesn't mean that lower grade veins don't contain high grade here and there.But then again they may not contain species either.If you've done this type of stuff for years you know that any gold bearing vein has potential..for a pocket...or heartbreak.
  5. The species may be worth a fortune to you,but in reality if you looking for cash it's only worth what someones willing to pay.I've heard over the years that the snowbirds at the Quartzite flea market in Arizona pay good prices for species and nuggets.Along a similar theme,all the species I ever found the quartz was too soft to do much with jewellery wise.
  6. Geo2,there was a fellow in grass Valley/Nevada City Ca. who finds fixes up and sells these older units.Don't know his name,location or even if he still does that stuff.
  7. Geo2,that's an old Braun jaw crusher circa 1912..so old that the Bico-Braun company has no records or info on that model.They didn't even know of it's existence till I asked for info on The unit and sent them pictures.The model is the lightning jaw crusher,ha,ha.Just a small sampling unit and still works great.There are many plans for crushers and mills on the internet.
  8. Perhaps you could just post on that forum....
  9. If you contact Steve Herschback on this forum or read previous posts on the subject perhaps you'll find your answer....http://www.akmining.com/forums/forum.php
  10. Alot of detectors will sound off on graphite/graphite schist.
  11. The nugget casino also had some fabulous specimens from the Big Bonanza mine in Sonora ca...Had pieces like dry lasagna noodles.The mine was located in the area of the old red church,downtown Sonora.
  12. The B of A is long gone from here.Believe some of the gold was in the collection at the Nugget casino in Carson City Nevada at one time.
  13. One thing for sure is you have very little competition......You can see a short paper I wrote very quickly for someone years ago at goldplacer.com,under hardrock sampling.Any questions I can answer,I'll try to fill you in.
  14. Woodchuck,I gather you've read all the mining reports,bulletins issued by the state over the past 150 years.There may be diaries,stories,tales available from the local historical society and old newspaper articles..info on old survey maps and land deeds etc.
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