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  1. Sample all the quartz veins and stringers.Check all the gold you find with a loupe to see how rough it is and if any minute pieces of quartz remain on the specks.Crush up and pan out the samples
  2. When you put the coil over gold you'll find it.Headphones will help greatly.
  3. https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=worth+of+quartz+crystal+clusters Likely, it would be an easy to sell item at the Quartzite flea market when the snowbirds arrive.
  4. Often you'll find a few colors or a tail of gold first when sampling quartz veins or stringers,while looking for pockets.A metal detector won't pick up fine gold.If there was a small pocket of gold two or three feet inside the wall rock or back would your detector pick that up?One could easily leave a pocket or small species behind if your just using your detector....and just because there was a gold mine.that does not imply that the mine made any highgrade ore..or even free gold for that matter.I've sampled hundreds of veins over a period of 35 years and even when a vein shows color,it often stays that way....on the other hand I've had veins that only showed a few colors and eventually made a small pocket.
  5. The lid with the Chinese writing may be from an opium tin.
  6. Tie pin...A topper for a walking cane was usually made from a quartz gold specie.
  7. Uncle Ron,type into Google ...pictures of Arizona silver ore...I can't post links on this site for some reason.
  8. Thanks for fixing the links.Anyone know why I always have trouble posting links on this site?I can copy the link,but not paste?
  9. http://www.finders.com.au/finders-forum-info/finders-forum/ click on the links on the Wedderburn gold post.
  10. Lydia,last time I checked about claims in Calaveras County...which was at least ten years ago most of the GPAA claims in our county had not been renewed.
  11. It's been in the mid 20's in Angels Camp Calaveras County,gold country in the mornings...and will be so all this coming week.
  12. If one doesn't have tens,hundreds or thousands of ounces it doesn't really mean much at the current prices.It's all good when staying over a thousand dollars an ounce.
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