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  1. Hi Dan, on ebay they are selling for 165.00 to 200.00. I am asking $155.00 plus shipping. Will take gold in trade...... placer or scrap gold. Have a good one. thanks George
  2. Hi Dan.. I have 14 inch coiltek that I used for three hours. Good depth and is good on small gold. Make me a offer. goldnsilver@dslextreme.com thanks george
  3. If you work for a living???? Please bring Bush back. If you sit on your ass waiting for a hand out??? Obama is your man.. Dredging is against the law. Next will be detecting and guns is in obama master plan to outlaw.
  4. PLP is fighting a good battle to keep mining rights for all of us crazy people. All of us miners, rock hounds ect. need to step up and help plp... or watch our freedoms slowly fade into memories. look up plp.org public land for the people. you must know the law to be able to stand up for your rights when the pine cone cop tries to tell you are breaking a forest regulation or a Law on the books.
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