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  1. That is a real beauty. I did get out detecting a little bit last Sunday. 1 encrusted rock, large marble size I need to dissolve to see what's inside. Another that looks like a meteorite. Will grind, polish and inspect.
  2. Good to here it is hitting on ore samples. I am looking to buy one of these new machines. I have the X-Terra 705 and the Gold Bug. Semi retired and finding more time in my life.
  3. I do the crush and pan my samples. I do have more samples than I can process. Then I foget where I found them. I have a sample in the dog dish by the door trying to remember where I picked it up from.
  4. I hope the best for ya there your samples look sweet to me but I am no expert. I bring home anything That has the glimer of hope.
  5. Thanks for sharing and fantastic pictures. Makes me want to get in my truck and drive.
  6. Could you post a couple of picks on how you built your recovery Tub ?
  7. I like all the features you incorporated in your sluice. Any progress report on how it is performing?
  8. Just wondering if any one else hunts here in Wisconsin? I picked up another detector last week end; It is a Gold Bug. Any reviews on this machine? It was on sale and thought I would add it to my tool box. I have been going out solo and thought if I had enough machines to invite others out. The grand kids had a blast at my brothers place when I brought out the 2 machines to play with.
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome. I have been rock hounding my whole life and my boy hood home and moms place is a rock and gem garden. When family and friends visit her they say it looks like a museum with specimens every where. Every time I come to visit I bring more choice pieces to here. Some I load up with a lift truck. It is a passion for sure! and the fever in the hunt is what drives us. I have made some mods to my sluice box this year trying to catch more fines. That's about all the gold I find here. They do not allow any dredges for the recreational prospector and limits on mineral collec
  10. Yes I do find gold in Wisconsin. There is some silver and Diamonds. Here is a link to some documentation. Kimberlites There is some interesting geological features buried under all the glacial till. Wisconsin is a rock hounds paradise. I stop and pick up samples every where I go.
  11. Just checking in with every one. I am from Wisconsin so any one close give a shout out. I am on a couple of other forums that don't seam to go any where.
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