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  1. Hi Jafar, yes, I think we can all agree that it isn't a meteorite. However, as a meteor wrong it's a goody:) File a window and it's shot through with various sizes of metal flakes, magnetic, a definite crust in the upper end and no vesicles in the lower part, just in the crust, magnetic, the weight, etc. I've sent pictures to three different experts on slag/early metal-working, a mineralogist and a meteor expert, but none will commit to it being either slag or a meteorite, as it does have a resemblance to both. Obviously, without a proper analysis or hands on viewing it will probably stay unid
  2. Hi Fred, yes, will do, that seems about my best bet. I'm now very intrigued:) Geist
  3. Hi Both, thanks for the suggestions. I know the vesicules are a killer for it being a meteor, but I'm still intrigued as to what mineral it is. I've looked at all the meteor identifications sites over the last few years and looked at what must be hundreds of rights and wrongs, as I'm a keen rock-hunter. It does have some similarities to some I've seen, in particular an oriented pallasite (I have pictures of 3 with very similar exteriors, but again, the vesicules)...As you'll see on one of the pic's I made a smooth window in the interior using wet and dry sandpaper and it shows flecks of metal
  4. Hi Fred, thanks for getting back to me. That was my first thought too (actually, I thought it was Saxon), so the guy I contacted is pretty much THE UK expert on early metallurgy from prehistoric times and he said no. Would it have crystals and spherical inclusions if it were slag? And why is it stony with metal inclusions I wonder? I'm thinking natural, but I really can't identify it. I don't know if this is useful, but the thing spent about 10 years outside in a Bonsai pot and didn't corroded at all. Also, I found it lying top up, half buried and obviously there for quite a long time, so I im
  5. Hi, I'm a newbie from the UK, great site, I wish we had some of the opportunites you do over there! There's plenty to find here, but we do lack a decent desert... I wonder if anyone can help? I've had this lying about for nearly 20 years and originally thought it was some kind of furnace slag or similar, but was told by someone who specialises in such things that it isn't. I've done my best to look at all the meteor wrongs over the years and know this has a couple of things against it, but there's just something odd about its composition and I'd like to know what kind of rcck it really is.
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