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  1. Nice batch of gold! You hit a good spot there for sure!
  2. Them nuggets have some nice character to them. Way to go!
  3. Chris, Be sure to post some pictures of the gold! Paul
  4. Thank you. I'm happy to make it another year!
  5. Thanks Rodd for the times you reached out to me and answered technical questions, or just stopped by to say "howdy, partner!" I wish we had been able to get out into the field together in this life but it wasn't meant to be. But every time I run a trammel or mechanical equipment I will think of you. To your wife and family I send my condolences and wishes for peace and comfort throughout these sad days of change. My prayers are extended to you. Paul
  6. Hey I learned something new here too so not a loss.
  7. I can't wait to get a new GB and get back out there with you guys. I've been away for too long. Hopefully there is good news about a job back in the USA soon. Paul
  8. My prayers and deepest wishes for recovery are in the air.
  9. Wow, some great pictures and some nice gold. I sure do appreciate the eye candy pictures you are posting. Can't wait until I get the chance to do some prospecting again. Paul
  10. Hey Shay, Glad to have you here. Paul
  11. Wowzers! I think one of my eyes just fell out from all the flash off those nuggets! Well worth the price of admission! Paul
  12. After reading this thread I think the Farmer's Market might be a good place to look. Here are some other ideas: Feed store, arts and crafts store (somebody making jewelry), how but a singles club in town, even if you meet some ladies not interested ask if they know somebody that might be, square dancing studio, sewing club, painting club, saddle maker,... Good luck in the pursuit. I hope you find somebody nice. Paul
  13. Nice nuggets! I saw the Mayan connection also.
  14. Iznogood, It sounds to me like you found a way to increase your treasure. Good going! Paul
  15. Sweet finds! Many of us can only dream about a find like that. Great job!
  16. You guys are sure making me envious over the gold nuggets you're finding over there. Me here, heck I can't even get a detector into the country without it being confiscated at the customs house. Great job and save me some!!! That is 'purty! Paul
  17. Adam, Sweet gold nuggets! I love the cubes and wires. Very cool. Paul
  18. I think it's near Bullfrog....
  19. That's a nice looking nugget. Good job sticking with it and finding it! Paul
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