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  1. Nice batch of gold! You hit a good spot there for sure!
  2. Them nuggets have some nice character to them. Way to go!
  3. I can't wait to get a new GB and get back out there with you guys. I've been away for too long. Hopefully there is good news about a job back in the USA soon. Paul
  4. Hey Shay, Glad to have you here. Paul
  5. Wowzers! I think one of my eyes just fell out from all the flash off those nuggets! Well worth the price of admission! Paul
  6. Nice nuggets! I saw the Mayan connection also.
  7. You guys are sure making me envious over the gold nuggets you're finding over there. Me here, heck I can't even get a detector into the country without it being confiscated at the customs house. Great job and save me some!!! That is 'purty! Paul
  8. Adam, Sweet gold nuggets! I love the cubes and wires. Very cool. Paul
  9. I think it's near Bullfrog....
  10. That's a nice looking nugget. Good job sticking with it and finding it! Paul
  11. Hey Micro, I will have to get a new GB and have the mods done when I get back. Save some gold for me in the meantime if you can! Paul
  12. Just adding my two cents, but seems to me the worst of the lot try to stay in the areas most people don't go. If you do decide to leave it you can put a GPS device on it as you said, or maybe LOJACK which a buddy did when they kept stealing his water heaters from the summer cabin. Maybe you're right it is far enough away from people to be safe but I don't know if I could sleep at night just wondering if it was okay or not. Good luck whatever you decide. Paul
  13. Ahh, so nice to see some real gold coming from the ground. Gives me hope there are still a few out there waiting for me to find.
  14. Getting out is at least half of the fun for me. Glad you had a nice day.
  15. Hey Frank, Wish you a speedy recovery and painlessness. If that's not a word it should be. Stay strong my friend. Paul
  16. Man, I would love to have been there!
  17. My best nugget came from a sudden thought that just popped into my head to check the ground in front of me as I sat on the tailgate of my SUV in the middle of a dirt road. Call it superstition of what have you but when you get a feeling you either try it out, or regret why you didn't all night long. Haha, unless you found good gold somewhere else? Paul
  18. A nice shiny flake for the collection. BZ!
  19. That is a beauty! Like Patrick said, hard work pays off. Paul
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