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  1. I think so, but I might be a little north of what he said.
  2. Hey Frank, The NF 20" runs pretty nice but I'm using it in a place with pretty warm ground and I think I'm finding out that the 3000 has a little trouble dealing with it. Especially with a big mono. This place has red dirt and over grass it's quiet but as soon as I hit exposed dirt it's sounding like targets everywhere. I also bought a NF 14" mono advantage and it does the same thing but has an additional issue never staying in balance. Have to balance every couple of feet. I noticed running it in sensitive is a big improvement keeping it quiet and balanced in this ground. Anyone have any tips on dealing with this kind of ground with the 3000? Coil suggestions? I was thinking of trying a big DD, that's why I was looking for one on the other forum.
  3. Hey Mike, yeah that was me. Good talking to you. It's funny how many people you meet out and around that turn out to be forum members.
  4. Went out this weekend to a new place. Went out with some old friends, and met some new ones. We got together for breakfast, spent the day hunting and then came back to camp for a BBQ dinner at 4000 feet in the sierras... It don't get much better than that. Good friends, good food and lookin for gold!! That's what it's all about...
  5. Thanks El Dorado. This is the place you told me about a looong, long time ago. Well it seems a long time ago... North of the road that goes up and over by the tree on the hill... The Indians said they were tears from the gods or somthing like that. Well I finally found a tear out there! ;)
  6. Yeah Bill, first person to ever see that gold! And gettin the hang of the minelab. Love this detector! Hopefully more to post soon... p.s. thanks for the pic change
  7. My first nug with the 3000! Right at 1/2 gram. Heard it at 4-5 inches with the stock 11 DD. With this good California weather we're having (was at least 60-65 deg today) I'm going to have to get out as much as I can...
  8. I'm not sure how that's relevent, or so important that you had to mention it first on your list, but yes it is... or was. I actaually sold it today and bought a GP3000. Like I said earlier, it's not that important to me who uses what detector. We should all use what works for us. Throughout my time with the TDI SL, TDI pro and using friends' Minelabs I have seen what they can do and which direction I want to head. But my original post was just my observations, and the observations of some experienced guys that have been doing this for 20+ years. As a guy in the hobby along with everyone else, I just want to share my experience on the forum so that it may help others. Are you a White's tech guy? Just curious.
  9. Look, I was giving my opinion of some simple test we did after seeing the SL was losing quite a bit of depth compared to the pro. Yes they were planted tests packed back over with dirt, and then we did some on top of the ground tests. It was still apples and apples. And 10 to 15%? Hardly. On a small picker if the pro can get 3" and the sl has to almost scrape the coil on the nugget, that's not 15%. I also noticed that the drop off rate of a response if very sharp on the sl compared to the pro. The pro would gradually fade away the target but with the sl it would be there and then gone. I think depth is an imortant factor these days. I don't know about you but all the places I go to have been hammered, by minelabs no less. So depth is important. I don't want to argue with you but if you're saying the SL will find 90% of what a minelab will, then... Wow It's also a poor machanic that uses the wrong tools for the job. I can bang all day on a brake drum with a screwdriver to break it free. Will I get the drum off? Sure. But could have accomplished that task so much easier with a hammer. I'm only posting my opinion of what I saw first hand, just for other peoples information. They can believe it, or not, look into it further, whatever. It's not like I sell detectors or coils so I really have no alterior motive for saying one thing or another about any detector. Just giving my opinion. I appoligize if that bothered you for whatever reason...
  10. Yes, a clean water gas pump will work just fine. I bought one from Harbor Freight and used it all season... and got gold. And the pump works great! PM me for any info on it. (I'm actaully selling the pump, but that's not the reason I responded) The clean water pump I got from HF worked just great.
  11. Hate to be bruatally honest... but I think the reason there's not many posts about the SL is because it's very inferior to the TDI and TDI pro. I hunt along side two guys with SL's and I have the Pro. We did some tests. On a course (pitted) 3 dwt hugget I can detect it at 10", the SL's at about 4-5". On a little 1/4 grammer, I can get 3-4", the SL has to be right on top of it to pick it up. Both have the stock 12" duel field coil. Those are the tests we did and consistantly the SL came up short. Funny thing is, after that the guy with the SL went out and bought a 5000. I bought the SL and then traded up for the pro. I'm sorry to say, but the SL is a dumbed down version of the TDI... and the the TDI compared to a minelab... well... the guy that found that 3 dwt nugget found it at 15-16" with a 4500 in highly miniralized ground. No TDI is going to hear that at all.
  12. No problem, I like doing graphics stuff... I made two more that make the symbol a little taller. One with a drop shadow and one without. If you like either of these I'm sure Skip would install them..
  13. I made these up for you guys. Let me know if you want any changes or if one of them is good...
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