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  1. thanks for sharing some of your vast knowledge. ron

  2. When the townships & ranges were first surveyed, mid to late 1800's. Those surveyors always noted the position of cabins in the township (36 square miles). If the "Jones" lived there then, it was named "Jones" cabin. USGS topo maps were first made using those old cadastral surveys. So many topo's today show cabin sites, that nothing much is left of now. Except maybe a rock fireplace hearth, or foundation stones. I have found many many cabin sites, in mining districts all over Alaska, Oregon, California & Nevada. The reason I took the time to find them off old cadastral surveys was, they were in mining districts. Most old timers did not build cabins, unless they were onto something pretty good. Many are buried nearby.
  3. John, BLM Master Title Plats (MTP) show grafic land status depictions down to 2.5 acres parcels. Anything below that is shown as notes on the NOTE area, on the right of the MTP. You are right about getting everything in writing, to cover your hinny. It sure saved mine a few times. Talk is wind, writing is hard evidence. Standing in court with a handfull or mouthfull of WIND, will get you nothing. Hard evidence on the other hand will save your bacon.
  4. County recorders office is not the place to look. Tax assessors office could tell you if it was patented fee simple land, state land, or federal public domain. Quicker way is to: On line you can pull up the BLM Master Title Plat (MTP) of the township. That will give you the land status of all lands in all 36 sections of the township. If the MTP shows the land to be public domain, not under any withdrawal from mineral entry. Check the on-line BLM LR 2000 geo-index system to see if it is covered with any valid mining claim. If not, its open to staking/filing a claim.
  5. Fee simple land is one thing, State land is another. There are numerious instances in CA where various entities such a CYA, Boy Scouts, other youth groups, etc have a long standing "special use permit" on a tract of federal public domain lands. The use permit does NOT withdrawal the lands from mineral entry, under the General Mining laws. As such, the land is open to mineral entry, if an applicable valuable mineral exists there. However, anyone staking claim to it, cannot deny the groups use granted by the permit.
  6. Dave, that is not always the case. I can point out several instances where the CYA thought they owned it "all". Until someone came along, that knew the facts & staked/filed a mining claim right smack over the top of it. It just depends on several factors, to determine whats what.
  7. That depends on multiple land status factors. Do they own it, or is it leased federal public domain? If they "own" it, do they also own the mineral rights? Do you have an exact legal description by aliqout part, section, township, range, meridian? If so PM that to me & I will figure it out for you. ..............
  8. Watch your 6, mud flows are nasty, not to mention very deadly. Hope your home / auto insurance is all in good order.
  9. Cris, I had a thread in the political forum RE: SB 670 suction dredge ban. It had over 3000 hits & was getting 60 or 70 a day, in the short time it was up. That number of hits is equal to the number of all members here. It was pertinant to the law, mining rights & how to defend them. I had 100 hours worth of work in that data & those posts, to inform the public of SB 670 & whats wrong with it. I did not keep copies of those posts, as I never thought they would be deleted. It will take me 40 hours to reconstruct that data. That is unjust & unfair as SB 670 itself is. I sent Bill a PM, requesting that thread be resurrected, in another area, if possible. It is constructive, not political. I have even offered to pay him to copy & EM it to me, if possible. So, I will wait & see.... if he answers.
  10. Know that I grieve along side you. Other than the wife, family & those I went through combat with, my dog “Sarge“, is my best friend. If we were closer, I would offer you a puppy. The sire is a gold hound in his own right. Who, more than once either defended our camp, or warned me of trouble coming. Had he not, I might not be here today.
  11. The permitting involved the use of heavy eqt, to widen the trail, enough we could get vehicles up/down it. Because we used a bulldozer, and had to cut some tree's. It required filing an NOI & POO with the USFS.
  12. Bastards out there, will steal anything. Other than camp gear, anything small they would steel, goes in the rig, with me. I always leave a large NOTE, on a clip board, in camp. It says........... BOB, will be back in 5 minutes, went to show Bill, new shot-gun. So, tweeker theives, know, you are armed & will be back quick. That gives them food for second thoughts about getting sticky fingers. I always try to camp at roads end also. One way to drive /out. If ever going in & someones going out, that doesn't stop to BS, I always get their plate #, in case camp was robbed.
  13. GEO INDEX Check the................Meridian Township Range * NOT.....................Meridian Township Range Section * Click PDF.....Will print out all 36 sections Sounds like you checked.....Meridian Township Range Section *..... entered 36 And, it printed section 36 only, as directed.
  14. I think we might see $1200 gold, in the not far future. Any country holding billions in US dollars, is looking to trade those US dollars for something better. Sadly, as the US deficit increases, there are more secure options holding a basket of other currencies, gold, silver etc. China is the bull on the horizon. They are buying gold with US dollars they hold & let me assure you, they hold billions of US dollars in cash & treasury bills PS, on some gold I have purchased over the years, mostly coins. When the price is high enough, meaning double my purchase price. I sell around 50% of any particular batch. That leaves me holding the other half of that batch, with ZERO invested in it. Which makes it into what I refer to as "patient" investment. No matter where the price goes, I still profit If it doubles again,...... again.....I sell 1/2 the remaing batch, etc.
  15. Some of the best ground, I & my extended family ever dredged, or worked was: Hike, float or helicopter in only........ Reason the ground was still good, it had not had the panties pulled off it by previous gold seekers. As most will not plan, nor take the time, or trouble, or go to the expense to get to those places. Hence, in many instances, except for being worked by hand panning, or rocker box, no dredge or modern mining equiptment ever touched them. In one instance, because a trail led to the area, we asserted RS 2477 R/W & were able to "permit" clearing the trail enough, we could get vehicles & eqt in. That, "permitting" was a PITA, but worth the effort.
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