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    I have to go out of town to pave a road in the Yaak. A stretch of 5.5 miles and I will be back in 2.5- 3 weeks. when i get back I should have earned enough to finish off whats left of the printing cost, as I will be making federal davis bacon wages, and 14 hrs a day 6 days a week. My company won't cover anyones rooms and I will not waste my hard earned money on hotel room fees, so I will be camping along the Yaak river road for 3 weeks. There are 25-50 Grizzlies in the Yaak so it will be hair raising each night. The Yaak is said to be the last wildest place left in the lower 48. When I got up there for the first 2 days, I could see why. My supervisor found me a nice spot to camp along the Yaak river which when I got there realized was smack dab in the middle of old gold mining tailings. There is nice bedrock along the river. There wasn't alot of good gold found in this river, so I will be leaving my detector at home. I have to pack enough food and water for three weeks as I will be the only one staying on the job site without leaving for the full 3 weeks. I got to try out the 5thops perimeter trip alarm and it works very well. I will feel better knowing that if a grizzly comes into my camp he will be tripping off 1 million scoville of Ghost Pepper powder dispersed in a giant cloud around my camp. I won't be doing any prospecting as I hear some people are geeting strange rashes from digging in the dirt and gravels up there. I know the area is covered in mica also know as vermiculite (espestos), and also Uranium is another primary mineral in the ground there. These two elements could explain the strange rashes. When I get back I will update everyone on the total reached. I have to leave in a couple hours, so if anyone on here also goes onto nuggetshooter forum please post this on there as I am still trying to pack my gear and don't have time to post any more today. thank you everyone.


    • Yep, and big buzzards too...  Oh no, bird strike on #1 engine and wind screen!  Quick, long arm reach around with the windex and rag, don't forget to fly the airplane.... Busy now...  Egads, what would Sully do?  

      Amazing work Dave, much respect for your skills.

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    • Many good points here, I too found gold in Holcomb Valley many years ago. <> Human time, not geological time as in epochs or some such thing.  Generally I have found insights offered here by some members to be worthy of serious consideration.  I know Adam for example is a respected fellow in the arena of sniffing out placer gold deposits as is his pal Wade I think, and that Bedrock fellow from NM also is a wise and cunning fellow, he has probably forgotten more about iron meteorites and ironing boards than anyone on these here forums, not many NASA veterans on here. ...  I would urge you to be open to the insights these fellows may offer, as they have serious credibility with members of this community.  Maybe Fred or Mr. Wet/Dry washer will chime in as well and we can drag a few poodles into the conversation...  It has been a long day so thank you.


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    • For Sale:  2001 Carson Toy Hauler,  24' overall I could load my Suzuki Samurai in it between the rear door and cabinet.  Bumper pull, everything works last time it was used.  For the right price a Honda 2000 generator will be included... The pull down bed in the rear was removed to accommodate a custom built queen size bed that my friend built so he could load his salt flats bike in under the bed....DS_Store  There are two beds/bench seats on the sides of the trailer which fold down.  Last used at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Wendover Ut in 2018.The Dodge was the tow vehicle, from Houston Tx. to Wendover then to Bakersfield where it has been stored since last year.  Apparently the truck is a good runner, it is 2wd, large four door cab, has a cracked windshield, drivers side window and some gauges are inoperative.  Both vehicles are registered in Texas.  I am selling it for his partner because sadly my friend passed away while on the salt last year.  They are from New Zealand and she is looking to move the two units, preferably together....  I used the trailer several times going to Az. and Nevada to prospect before I sold it to them in 2017.  According to what I have researched these trucks are selling for 15-17K, the toy haulers 6-7K....  The price on them is: Truck $9,800 and Trailer $5,000.   For both purchased together the price is: $13,500.  Thanks Bill for your help.

      Please send a message through this site.





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    • Hi Dave,

      This is a great thread  and you have done a very workmanlike job, my hat is off to you....  I was recently investigating methods for welding or soldering aluminum and alloys, short of the TIG method what process are you going to be using to put the pieces of the head together?  Or are you going to use TIG?

      Again great job and thank you for bringing us along for the ride, err, pre flight......


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    • Hey Chris,

      Welcome back, I know what you mean about lotsa lead in the Randsburg area....  I have found two small nuggets NW of the town, just about a mile, on the sloping hills... However the bullets and assorted bits of trash are abundant....  I think you will hit a target every three steps or so...  Tuesday I was on the Taft Club claims around Benson Canyon on the El Paso side of the valley....  Yep lots of lead, I found an area which someone had raked down and pulled trash off of that site as well...  It was however a beautiful day with no wind which is a real boon, and butterflies and hummingbirds were there as well....  All said, not a bad twenty four hours....  Oh yea, the GBll is working great!  Zip Zip.....


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