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  1. Had a great time Shep, thanks for the gormett meals, hats off toTom fer his culinary skills!! Thanks to Frank fer the pointy finger, there must be symptom by that three foot barrel cactus :o Havin more fun then should be legal in Lake Havasu area thanks to Patricks expert guiding and rescue skills . Beautiful evening by the lake.. Be well amigos, Jeff No gold found but little trash and two targets turned out to be 50 Cal. Brass from ww2 arial gunnery practice,
  2. Shep, Are you and Tommy in situ yet ?? Happy Huntin, Jeff
  3. Patrick, I still have to remember if I am coming or going, very challenging
  4. I spoke with Beau today and he was extremely helpful, very knowledgable about the RV industry, answered all of my questions and then some! He is a great addition to this group. Thanks again Beau. Jeff
  5. pairadiceau


    Another well scribed sandy narrative, good on ya Bucket. Really neat to be out there with your daughter.
  6. Bill, I have run into you in the field on a few occasions and you have always been very helpful, sharing your wisdom and good nature freely. You have taken your time to assist me via the fone on several occasions, and I don't think I ever bought anything from you, well, a hermit pick at a GB outing. It is people like you who make this mad endeavor even more enjoyable. Keep doin what you do best and thanks for keeping this forum smoking... Jeff
  7. pairadiceau

    Kat's Car

    Johnno, Hoping you and Kat had a Merry Christmas and you did not git blowed up whilst reviving that critter. Passed by LAX on the way to and from OC Christmas Eve and thought about you, hope all is well. Best, Jeff
  8. Hi Frank, just revisitin this again, it was sure a great gettogether. Great people with wonderful helpful attitudes about life. Thanks again for the crystals and give me a shout if you get to Californication!!!! Jeff G.
  9. Good people, grate weather, cold beer.... Nice to see some old faces and meet new ones. Thanks to Frank for the crystals. Thanks to Bill and Jumpin Joe for direction on setting up the 5000 and pointing out a space rock... Wowza !!! Jeff
  10. Happy Birthday Shep, Glad ur still out amongst them, keep on Beeeepin!!! Jeff
  11. I want to go to Australia to find some gold. :)

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